July 05, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

We have had a great 4th of July weekend! Friday night, Kamron and I went on a date to celebrate our big adoption news. Since neither one of us had ever had any type of authentic African food, we decided it was high time we tried some. We went out for Ethiopian food because there are no Congolese restaurants in Louisville and we thought Ethiopian was about as close as we could get. Let me tell you, Ethiopian food resembles dog barf and baby poop BUT if you can get past the looks of it, it is actually pretty good! Not something I feel like I have to have all the time, but it was definitely a good experience. Ethiopia is famous for it's coffee so I thought I ought to try some of that too- this I don't recommend. It tasted like it was brewed in a hollow tree then sprinkled with dirt. Entirely too "earthy." After dinner we got to go see, Andi, the singer from Kamron's band perform in the Louisville all-star band. She brought the house down! It is always sooooo good to get a few hours away from the kids to just be together.

We also spent an afternoon at GranMary's pool. I think that if we let her, Sadie may just decide to live at the pool. That girl just loves to swim!

We had Kamron's sister over for a fourth of July cook-in (it was pouring down rain) and then set off fireworks with our neighbors. This year we actually let the kids do sparklers. I know- don't judge me as a parent. But let me just first just blame this occurrence on my dad. He kept the kids while we went on our date. They did a few fireworks and the next morning the kids informed me that Papaw let them hold their own sparklers. Noah is only 2 1/2 and this freaked me out a bit, but I figured, that is what grandparents are for: to let you do all of the things your parents won't let you do! It is a vital part of growing up. So since they had already done it, I decided they could do it again- and they LOVED it. Evidently, if you are a child (or a grown man) holding fire gives you an enormous sense of power!

On a serious note, I am so incredibly thankful to have been born in America. I am grateful to our service men and women (past and present) who are committed to my freedom. So often I take for granted that I can wake up on Sunday morning and go to the church of my choosing. I take for granted that we live in a country where food is abundant, our water is clean, and we are safe. But these things have not happened by accident. So many people have fought for these freedoms (including my brother- SO proud of you B.!) So to all of our military men and women: THANK YOU! I keep thinking today about our little one in Africa, where there is not enough food, water, shelter and medicine. And while my heart breaks, I am also exceedingly grateful that in America there is opportunity for EVERYONE- even if you weren't born here.

I am off to wade through a mountain of paperwork and to start tracking down the millions of documents we are gathering to send to the Congo. So if you've seen my marriage certificate, just let me know. That would be helpful information to have before I start tearing my house apart to find it!

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