July 20, 2009

I think I'm On Candid Camera...

Things with the adoption are rolling! I just got an email and we have been assigned a case worker. Woohoo! Our home study agency is on the ball! It feels like this is all moving insanely fast and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! Also, we crossed another thing off the adoption checklist today by getting my physical exam. Since it was minimally invasive and I didn't feel like driving the kids all the way to my mom's, I decided to just let the kids come with me to the doctor. I'll start off by saying that they really were good, but something just came over them when we got there that made me start to wonder if I was on Candid Camera. We only had to wait in the waiting room for maybe 10 minutes. When we got back to the exam room is when the children lost their minds. Our door was left cracked just enough that anyone in the rest of the office could hear everything we were doing. It all started off when Sadie decided to bust out "Boom Boom Pow" complete with dance moves and Fergie imitation. I could hear snickers from the nurses station. The snickers turned into full on laughter when Noah, not to be outdone by his sister, starts in on Prince's "You Don't Have To Be Rich", in the very best falsetto a 2 year old can muster. It was quite entertaining. In walks the doctor, and the real fun begins. As soon as she sits down, Noah stares right at her and proclaims in a very anxious voice- "I gotta get outta here!" With nowhere to go, he freaks out and begins licking (yes, licking) the bio hazard trash can. When I pick him up to move him away from said trashcan, he starts tooting. Not little ones, mind you, HUGE ones. And laughing about it...hysterically. I could just see the gears turning in the doctor's mind. I am sure she was thinking, "This nut actually thinks she can handle a third child?" At this point I am looking for hidden cameras and wondering who on earth put my kids up to this! Ahhh... such is life!

We also had a giant slumber party at our house on Saturday night. Our good friends Rob and Stacey live in Cincinnati and we don't get to see them nearly often enough. Stacey had a PTA conference and Rob wanted to go watch Kamron's band play, so I offered to let their 3 gorgeous kids come and spend the night with me. That made 5 kids all under 7. I'll be honest, I stressed a little about how I'd handle all those kids by myself. But they were all SO good. Just like 5 little angels! (then just 2 short days later they pulled the above antics!) I even managed to get all five kids fed and dressed and got them to church on time! The kids all had such a great time together having a water balloon fight, eating pizza and playing "college". Evidently kids don't play school anymore- they play college. They also played doctor, which is what they were doing when I overheard this conversation between my Sadie, who was the patient, and her friend Addison, who was the doctor.
Sadie: I've just been feeling so sick lately. Oh yeah, my stomach hurts too.
Addison: I can give you a shot for that. Let me check you out.
(Silence while shot is administered and blood pressure is taken.)
Addison: Oh no... this is really bad... I'm sorry to say that you have...CHOLESTEROL!

I love these kids! Here they all are posing after their water balloon fight.

Here are the sweet, sweet girls having popcorn and watching movies.

We'll be busy, busy, busy the rest of the week with Bible school every night. I LOVED Bible school as a kid! I'll let you know how it goes...

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