July 31, 2009

Noah and the Cable Guy

We've changed around our satellite package so this morning bright and early, the cable guy rings the door bell. I usually stress a little about having strangers in the house because Noah reacts only 1 of 2 ways. A) He completely freaks out and won't let me put him down or B) he overwhelms our guest with seriously aggressive hospitality. Today he was totally doing the latter. Let me just say that Juan, the cable installer, was awesome! As soon as Juan walked in the door Noah was all over him like a wet blanket. He said, "Hi. What's you's name? You got a white truck. I like you's white truck. I got a white car. Do you wanna see it?" He ran around looking for his white matchbox car. When he found it he had to show Juan all of it's parts. "Here's him's wheels. He's got 4 wheels. How many wheels you's truck got?" He and Juan had a great conversation all about cars. Then Noah moved on to the next thing.

I am not sure why, but Noah thinks that when he grows up he is going to turn into a princess. Poor little guy needs some more testosterone in this house during the day! So he asks Juan, "What princess do you want to be when you grow up?" Juan didn't even flinch. He said in his very thick Spanish accent,"Well...what princesses are there?" So Noah launches into a lesson about Disney Princesses and how he wants to be the princess who wears the yellow dress. I am not sure if Juan ever committed to which one he wanted to be when he grew up!

Then Noah spreads his tiny, little legs until he is almost doing the splits. He does this all the time- he says he's making tunnels. Then I hear, "Hey... do you wanna go through my tunnel?" I guess this is where Juan decided he might need a break from Noah so he went outside to do some work out there. But Juan just couldn't seem to catch a break. Noah opened the door constantly screaming out each time, "Are you leaving? Don't leave! I don't want you to leave!"

I am pretty sure that had Juan stayed any longer, Noah would have made a new BFF! In other news, our criminal background clearances came through! Now seriously, I knew already that I wasn't a registered sex offender but it sure was great to see that on paper! I kept fearing that my identity would be stolen in this process and it would come back with 10 pages full of criminal convictions and nobody would give us a baby! That's one more thing I don't have to worry about anymore. I swear, every step seems like a huge deal to me!

We've got a jam packed weekend full of fun coming up! I am trying to make a cake that serves 70 people for a birthday party we're going to tomorrow, so I'd better get to baking!

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