July 23, 2009

Papers, Papers, Papers

For those of you who have not ever adopted a child, let me just tell you that it is an insane amount of paperwork! What may be more insane, is how much I am actually enjoying filling out all of these rediculous papers and making copies of just about every document imaginable. I know, I am a nerd- but I get some crazy sort of satisfaction about checking things off the list and organizing all of these things in this adorable accordian file I bought at Target. In a crazy mixed-up way, I suppose this is the first picture of our new child:

Yes, folks...that's right. Somehow, when the government gets all of this paperwork they magically turn it into... a child! This file contains every detail of my life: how much money we make, letters about what our friends think of us, all of our medical histories...blah, blah, blah. My favorite thing we've had to give them so far is a copy of our water bill. It is the ultimate irony to me that you can take a child from a third world country where there is no clean water- where all the water is muddy and teeming with parasites, but somehow big brother has to know that I have city water before our adoption request can be granted. The same goes with needing to know how much money I spend every month on groceries. It just seems almost comical to me!

Oh well, if it all gets us one step closer to getting to meet our precious little one then I am all for it! In fact I am almost finished with all these papers!!! The last things we need to collect are our last few letters of recommendation, Kamron's physical form and his employment verification! All of those are in the works. Then we have our home study visit and the home study portion is over! Yippee! Just thought I'd give everyone an update!

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