July 14, 2009

Random Ramblings...

It has been a busy few days! It's the best type of busy, too. The busy doing fun stuff kind of busy. Where to begin...
Kamron's grandparents from St. Louis just left this morning after 4 days at our house. The kids had an absolute ball! It was like a never ending slumber party for them. The grands are 80 and 84. Marie (Kamron's grandma) is all but blind and the trip is very hard on them. The good news, though, is that they are finally seeing reason and realize that their health is bad enough that it is time to move back to Kentucky to be closer to us! So we got to drive them around looking at houses in our lovely little town. There are two houses for sale that practically touch our backyard. This seems like the perfect solution for everyone! I can just see the kids wearing down a path between the neighborhoods now! We are beyond excited to have them probably coming here, but I am also a little nervous about taking on a quasi-cargiver role at just about the same time our new little one would be making his way across the ocean! Anyway, we really enjoyed getting to spend some time with them! Noah remembered this morning when he woke up that today was the day they were leaving and ran for grandma saying, "I love you. I don't want you to leave!" If that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will!

We also spent most of the weekend outside playing. And if we're outside playing, it means that every kid in our neighborhood ends up in my backyard. It used to drive me crazy that somehow all our neighborhood kids would migrate to our house, sucking down all of our juice boxes and eating popsicles faster then I could cut them open and hand them out. But now I love that this is where they feel safe. I know that not all of these kids have moms and dads that spend a lot of time with them. Kamron and I are trying to figure out how we're going to get all of these kids to Bible School next week. Believe me when I tell you that some of these wild ones need the fear of God love of Christ put into them!!! Here are some of the sweet little neighborhood kids having a "pool" party last night.

And to top off a great few days, I got to hang out with my BFF Jess (am I too old to talk like this?) at the pool this afternoon. We don't get to do that nearly often enough. I love, love, love that girl! She's the very best true blue friend that ever was!

Just in case you needed a bit of humor in your day here are a few of the things I've heard Sadie and Noah say in the last few days:

Noah: "My hair is hurting and I smell like the zoo!"

Sadie: "Noah, I promise we're not going to do anything fun, like swimming, while you're at school. We are going to do only boring stuff. Especially we won't go swimming." (Where did we go? Yep, swimming!)

Me: "Wow, Noah! Grandma gave you 10 dollars! What are you going to buy?"
Noah: "I got a penny and I'm going to buy bubble gum and money!"

Kamron: "Sadie, I like that baby doll. Which baby is that?"
Sadie: "Daddy, that's baby orange."
Kamron: "Well... there's just so many of them it's hard to keep straight."
Sadie: "There's baby orange, baby pink, big baby, baby purple, baby Taesun, baby Reese, and if I ever get another one, I'm gonna call it baby daddy!"

Kamron has called it to my attention that anyone out there in blog land following our story is probably only here to read adoption news. I totally understand that. But in all honesty, there won't always be much to read about. We'll be in this home study phase of gathering documents and getting physicals, etc. for a couple of months. It's all a big hurry up and wait game! So for now, you'll just have to read about our crazy life with our crazy, adorable kids until we have breaking news. And when we do have breaking news I PROMISE I will post it!!!

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