August 08, 2009


I have just said goodbye to Kamron and the kids and I am officially a woman of leisure for 3 whole days. Saint Kamron and his sister, Saint Kennethia, are taking the kids to St. Louis to stay with Grandma until Monday! That's right jealous! I have 3 days to myself!

Here's a list of some things I MIGHT do while they're away:
I might boycott my stove and live off of Lucky Charms for the next 48 hours.
I might start reading the new James Frey book my mom let me borrow.
I might not get out of my pajamas on Monday.
I might try to tackle my mile long project list (not likely, but I might.)
I might take my mom out to celebrate her last weekend as a single woman.
I might go get a haircut.
I might get a little lonely at church by myself tomorrow.
I might force myself to go and swim laps.
I might start working on a baby present for my new nephew.
I might get hooked on the free trial of HBO we're getting right now and forget to do anything else.
I might buy a lottery ticket and dream of all the things I'd do with all that money.
I might sit in a bubble bath until I turn into a prune.
I might enjoy a whole night of sleep without anyone snoring, crying or having nightmares.
I might already miss my family really badly!

On a side note, we met with our case worker and turned in our huge mountain of documents! Sadly, she is leaving for vacation today and can't come and do our home visit until the 24th. She has, however, assured us that after that, she'll only need a week to complete our report and then we can turn in our i600a to the government. (In non-adoption speak, that is the giant packet of information that you turn into the government to declare your intention to adopt internationally.) After that is turned in we just wait for our referral! Every day is one step closer!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the past week in the Terry household:

Sadie picking corn- yes, she's dressed like Tinkerbell- maybe it's for camouflage.

Noah at his first ever trip to Chuck E. Cheese's.

My crafting queen!

Noah got so tired he fell asleep mid-snack.

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