August 26, 2009

Are You Praying?

I have seen this photograph many times, but I just heard the story behind it today. Kevin Carter won the Pulitzer Prize for this photograph in 1994. This child was crawling to an aid camp in Sudan. He was less than 1km away. No one knows what happened to this child, as the photographer left immediately after taking the photograph. 3 months later, the photographer committed suicide because of depression. For me this begs the question: How many times have I turned away from someone in need? The answer is- all too often. We can all say, "I would never walk away from that starving child." But we do it everyday- by ignoring what is happening in our world.

The need is great, around the world and in our own communities. Are you praying that God will show you how you can help? Are you answering His call?

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