August 21, 2009

Backyard Fun

Every afternoon it's the same thing. At 2:30, Noah and I go and wait on the porch for Sadie to get off the bus. She comes bounding off, drops off her backpack and about that time, every other little kid in our neighborhood makes their way to our backyard. Yesterday, they had a waterhose fight. Well, mostly Noah sprayed everyone, but they all had a great time. Today, though, for some reason it was only little girls that came over. The things they come up with to do when there are no boys around, are so completely different. This afternoon a neighborhood wedding took place on our swingset. They dressed Sadie up in her last year's flower girl dress. (I got it on ebay for the bargain price of $18 so it is totally worth it to me to let her play dress-up in!) We didn't happen to have any little boy tuxes laying around, so they dressed Noah up in the next best thing- Sadie's outgrown Christmas vest. And there, by the power vested in the little girl next door, she pronounced Sadie to be Noah's "lovely" wedded wife.

The party busted up when she announced that he could kiss his bride because, let's face it, that is just WAY too embarrassing to do in front of all of your friends! So amidst giggles and squeals, they went back to playing in the sandbox and the wedding was officially over.

I love this little girl...

...and this little boy!

And just because this one is too funny not to share, here is Noah during the water hose fight. Once his pants got wet, they wouldn't stay up. But it didn't slow him down a bit! Also- immediately after taking this picture, he soaked me, but alas...that's the price I pay for always being in the poor kids face with my camera!

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