August 14, 2009

Big Boy Undies

Noah and Sadie have this CD full of silly songs. One of the songs is a little jingle about all the things you can wear on your shirt- stripes, polkadots, animal prints, etc. Noah's favorite part of the song is when they say "I like to wear stains on my shirt". Fast forward to today... with Sadie in school all day, I thought today might be a good day to start working on potty training. So today was Noah's first time in underwear. He quickly learned that he could change the words of his favorite "stains on my shirt" song to "stains on my underwear!" That kid is all boy. So after he sang his newly worded silly song all day, I thought I'd pull out the video camera and capture it for all eternity. When he's a little older I'll use this video clip of him as blackmail! So without further ado, here's Noah with his original tune, "Stains on my underwear!" (Don't forget to pause the music player to the left.)

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