August 13, 2009

First Day of School

My Sadie is officially a school girl. Today was her first day of kindergarten. She held up much better than her emotional wreck of a mother. That girl marched right into her room, shook her teacher's hand at the door and otherwise acted like she owned the place. I, on the other hand, made it as far as the car before the waterworks started. I couldn't sleep all night last night because I had that first-day-of-school stomachache. I popped out of bed this morning, fixed my first school lunch and cried the entire time I was drawing pink hearts on her sandwich bag. I thought for my morning quiet time, I'd deviate from my usual routine and googled "first day of school devotional". One from Max Lucado popped up and I got excited- I usually love Max. But today he equated sending his daughter off to school for the first time with God sending his son to die. Some pep talk, huh?!?

But she's excited about going back tomorrow, so maybe I'll suck it up and get over losing my baby to the public school system. I am however, looking forward to having more one-on-one time with my Noah Bear. He is not quite sure how to act without his sister, but maybe we'll figure out this new routine! ( Just in time for baby number 3 to arrive!) Which makes me wonder... will I have to adopt or have a new baby every time one of mine starts school? Will we be the next Duggers? It makes me tired just thinking about it...

Here's just a few pictures from our last-day-of-summer pool party yesterday:

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