August 24, 2009


Yippee!!! Our home study is finished and now it's time to start working on our dossier! So all told, our homestudy (by the time the last report is finalized) will have only taken 6 weeks- not to shabby! It could be because we had an awesome case worker who is currently in the process of adopting from Ethiopia, and knows how we mothers in waiting hate to, well, wait. It could also be because I have been totally OCD about all of the document gathering and processing. Either way, I am just glad that it's done!

In more good news, we had one of the best days of the whole summer yesterday. Our best friends, John and Jessica, bought a new boat last week and took us out on the lake. They've been our friends for years and we just love them! The only drawback was that it was a little chilly. I never thought that we'd have to pack sweatshirts and blankets to go to the lake in the middle of August in the Ohio Valley. However, we didn't let it ruin our fun! Sadie hadn't been on a boat since she was 2 and Noah had never been on one, and they both LOVED it. Actually, loved is an understatement. Sadie was positively on cloud nine the entire 4 hours on the lake. She's our shy one- the one that has trouble trying new things. But she was so brave and wanted to try tubing. I went with her and the whole time she was laughing hysterically and saying, "This is the best fun I ever had!" Noah was perfectly content to just run around the boat. He loved having his hair flap in the breeze. But most of all, he loved when Uncle John let him drive the boat!

I never for one minute take for granted what awesome friends God has blessed us with! We are truly surrounded by amazing people!

Here's a few more snaps from our wonderful day!

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