August 31, 2009

Silly Rabbit, Citizenship Is For Kids!

Today we went to the US Customs and Immigration Office to file our petition to adopt. I wanted to do this in person just to make sure our forms actually got where they were supposed to go. While we were there, we got fingerprinted. This is something that you have to do to get clearance from Homeland Security, or the FBI or some other agency to bring a child back into this country. Everything went off without a hitch. When we got to the fingerprinting office we each had to fill out a form with our personal information on it, as well as our height, hair color, etc. My favorite part of this form was the part where you have to check what your eye color is. Here are the choices: blue, brown, grey, green, hazel, pink or maroon. Pink or maroon!?! What in the world? Are lots of rabbits suddenly applying for US citizenship?

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