September 03, 2009

Funny Kid Stuff!

I keep a notepad next to my computer so I can write down the funny things Noah and Sadie say throughout the day. My paper is full, so I thought I'd share a few of their quirky comments. Hope this brings a smile to your face today!

Even though he wakes up at the crack of dawn, Noah will not get out of his bed on his own. He'll start yelling "Mooooommmmmm, come get me. I'm ready to wake up!" He says this same thing every morning. Except the other day I woke up to: "Moooommmmm...bring me brownies in my bed!" That's my boy!

At the gym one day, Sadie said that she had a great time playing with this kid's Nintendo DS. She then told me all about how cool it was and how much fun it was. Then she said, "Maybe I'll ask Santa Claus to get me one for Christmas." Then after a minute she added, "Never mind, I'll just ask Papaw Johnny, instead!" (Dad, she's got you pegged!)

Noah's question of the morning last week: "Mom- do we live on the Milky Way or the subway?"

On pancake night at the Terry's, Sadie was a little distraught about my choice of syrup. "Mom, why do you always buy that Wal-Mart syrup? It tastes like maples."

One of the highlights of Noah's day is watching for the mailman and then running out the door to get the mail. I stand on the porch and he always comes back with a fat stack of mail and a big grin on his face. The other day as he was running back to the porch I said, "Hey buddy, what did we get?" His reply: "Bills, Bills, Bills. Always bills!" Hmmm... wonder where he's heard that one before?

I always ask Sadie in the morning how she wants me to fix her hair for school. She usually says she wants piggy tails. But today she said, "Can you put it all in one ponytail on the side. And it needs to be on this side (right) because the mean kid that sits on this side (left) of me always pulls my hair so I gotta get my hair as far away from him as possible!" Pretty smart, huh?!?

Noah cut his foot open the other day. After a whole day of hobbling around he declared very matter of factly, "I'm tired of having this boo-boo now. I'm ready for you to take it off!"

Last night Sadie was complaining of a headache. I said, "What's the matter sweetie? Are you feeling sick." She said, "No. I've probably just had my thinking cap on too long."

We were on our way to Target one afternoon and Noah kept bugging me about buying a pretzel when we got there. We had just eaten lunch, so I knew we weren't going to get one. He just kept on asking if we could get a pretzel. Worn thin, I finally said, "We'll see." He started screaming, "What does 'we'll see' mean???" Sadie piped up, "It means no."

"It's too bright out here. Can you take my eyes out for a minute?"- Noah

Sadie has no concept of age. Every night we read a few chapters of Little House on the Prairie for our special girl time. Sadie can not for the life of her understand when these books take place. I keep trying to tell her it was a long time ago, before her Nana (age 90) was born. That blew her mind. She couldn't believe anything could be that old. After she thought about it for a minute she said, "Do you think that Laura and Mary were friends with Jesus, then?"

One of Noah's favorite shows is Man-vs.-Wild on Discovery. I'm pretty sure that's what he was thinking about when he asked: "Why can't we eat poop? Because it will make our teeth dirty?" Evidently too much Bear Grylls makes boys contemplate these things!

Have a great holiday weekend!

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