September 20, 2009

It's Broken

I spoke too soon on Friday about how quiet our lives had been. I've learned my lesson and will never ever jinx the stillness again. Now we have major drama. Yesterday morning Noah fell down the steps and broke his collar bone. That poor kid has the highest pain tolerance in a little kid that I have ever seen, so I knew when he was still crying 45 minutes after the fall, that something was terribly wrong. He said that his shoulder was hurting really badly so we took him to the immediate care center. He somehow managed to give the doctor a high five with the sore arm. Our doctor, who was soooo nice, said that it was probably just a really deep bruise and he would be sore for a few days, but that the injury didn't seem to be too bad. He said he wanted to do an x-ray, just in case. We went off to radiology and when the doc reviewed the x-ray, he came back in our room. He said, "You're never going to believe this, but he broke his collarbone. That must be one tough kid you got there, that he's actually trying to still use that arm!"

So, here we are with a broken collar bone. Noah's in quite a bit of pain. He's also restricted from pretty much any movement which puts pressure on his right arm. This also includes no jumping or bouncing. Seriously. We can't even pick him up under his arms. We have to do this weird little scoop up from the legs pick up. And the worst is, no bear hugging :-( We were lucky that it is considered a clean break, but a fall or getting bumped in that area could make those bones become displaced and harder to heal. So we are doing our best to help him stay still. For six weeks. Yes, that's right- six freaking weeks! The codeine is doing a pretty good job of that for us. So is the pain. But I am afraid once some of the pain subsides and we take him down to Motrin, we may have a fidgety monster on our hands! We have yet to decide if he's going to take a hiatus from school. We're afraid a class full of rough and tumble two year olds may just be tempting the disaster gods.

So if you are the praying type, please say a prayer for our little guy. He could really use it. I'll keep you posted on his recovery.

On a much happier note, though, we got meet Stori and Jamey Sullivan and their cutie pies, Livia and Parker! The Sullivan's are also in the process of adopting from the DRC. They are bringing home two precious little boys, Ian and Chad in just about 6 weeks. The Sullivan's live just about 2 hours away from us. We met through the blogging community, but never met face to face. It is so amazing to me how connected I feel to the other "Congo Mommies" out there, even though none of us have ever met. Stori and I are both stay at home moms, and Kamron and Jamey are both financial advisers. They have a boy and a girl. We have a boy and a girl. They are bringing home 2 boys. We are bringing home...well, we don't know what we're bringing home yet. But we have so much in common and really enjoyed their company.

We all went to Kamron's benefit concert for the Sudan in Louisville. It was a gorgeous day for an outdoor fundraiser. Sadie had a great time playing with their kids and she's already asking when they can come to play at our house! Noah, well... Noah sat on my lap the entire time in a narcotics induced fog, but he was a big time trooper! We're planning on all getting together again once their boys come home. How awesome will it be when our child comes home, to have another family whose been through the exact same thing living relatively close to us!?!? I see this as the first of many great nights for our families!

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