September 22, 2009

Jen, Cranky and Jakin

Noah is feeling much better today. His pain seems to have subsided quite a bit- until he tries to climb up on the couch or lay down. We've noticed, though, that he seems to be dragging the injured arm a little. We're going to the orthopedist on Thursday and hopefully we'll get a little better picture of what's going on with the broken bone.

Today's the first day that Noah's really felt like playing. He and his new imaginary friend, Jakin, built an entire house this morning. Noah was so proud of this house. He brought me into the living room to check out his imaginary building. He said," It's a big white house, but black people live in it with me." (Can you tell that he's overheard a lot of conversations about race during this adoption process!?) He told me that he did all of the hammering on the house, while Jakin did "the screwing".

With the appearance of Noah's imaginary friend, I couldn't help but think about Sadie's imaginary friends. When Sadie was almost three her imaginary friend Jen can to live with us. Jen is pronounced all french-like, since Jen evidently came from France. Once, one of Kamron's friends was over and was pushing Sadie in the swing. After a little while, the friend came over to me and asked how we were coping with having that poor little girl living with us now. I had no idea what he was talking about. While they were swinging, Sadie had told him that her friend Jen had come to live with us. She told him that Jen's house had caught on fire and her mom had burned up in the fire and that Jen was going to stay with us forever. She must have been very convincing since our friend actually believed it! How in the world my sweet, sweet little girl came up with this is beyond me.

Jen always wore a pink shirt. She had yellow hair and was supposedly a really good singer. Sadie once told me that "Jen plays the microphone in a band!" We had to reserve a spot in the bed for Jen. She went on all of our vacations with us. When Noah came along, Sadie told me that Jen really liked having a little brother, but she sometimes wished she had a little sister instead. Usually Jen was as good as gold. A few times, however, Jen wrote on the walls and unrolled all the toilet paper off the roll. Jen lived with us for almost 2 years. At the same time, we got another imaginary houseguest. Her name was Cranky. Cranky was 2 years old, always wore a blue shirt and carried her own campfire with her everywhere she went. As in, "Don't sit right there or you'll sit on Cranky's campfire!" Jen, Cranky and Sadie were inseperable and we got many a good laugh at their adventures. Once, for a few weeks they got another friend. This one's name was Freaky. (I am not making this stuff up!) Freaky must have been a transient, because she didn't stick around for long.

In this house we welcome all people, invisible or otherwise. I am actually a little happy that we have a new imaginary friend around, and I can't wait to see what kind of mischief Noah and Jakin get into!

Oh, how I love those crazy, creative, imaginitive kids!!!!

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