September 08, 2009

I Can't Come Up With A Good Title

My dad has become quite the blogging critic. The other day I got a call from my dad saying that he had checked my blog three times that day and why in the heck hadn't I written anything. Then this mornings complaint was that what I had written wasn't long enough! My favorite thing about this complaining is that my dad lives in our same town and we see him all the time! It's not that he lives across the country and this is his only connection to us. Mostly I think that it's sweet that he just can't seem to get enough of his grandbabies.

It seems like we've had some rather blah kind of days lately. Kamron has been really sick the last few days. In typical man fashion, he has been acting like the world is ending. I am pretty sure that he has not gotten off of the couch since last Thursday and he finds some small way to remind me every five seconds frequently that he is sick. I have complained to pretty much anyone that would listen about how he is driving me crazy and that 6 days at home with a melodromatic sick husband is just a little too much togetherness. But that all came to a screeching hault a few hours ago when he got back from the doctor. (I'd been telling him to go for days!) He has an inner and middle ear infection in both ears as well as some serious chest congestion. The doctor evidently thought those ears looked bad enough to give him codeine. So I am feeling just a trite guilty for all of my grumbling. Now instead of a cranky, whiney husband- I've traded him in for a loopy one. But at least he's going back to work tomorrow and life can continue as normal!

But I digress. On a better note, I got the opportunity to share about our adoption and my feelings about Africa at church on Sunday. I'd kind of been dying for a chance to get to talk about it. We shared our story as part of a promotion for the Hope for Africa Children's Choir, who is performing at our church this Saturday. The choir raises money for African orphans through the United Methodist Conference. Our orphanage is also sponsored through the Methodist Church, so it was a perfect opportunity to tie our adoption story in with what we can all be doing to help children in Africa.

In other Terry news, Noah started his Mother's Day Out program this morning. He'll be there 2 half days a week. It was really weird being at home with no kids. I got some much needed organizing done. I got a grant written for a ministry program at church. I washed lots of clothes. It is insane the amount of work I can get done in 3 hours when no one is clinging to my leg for dear life. The productivity was great, but I really missed that little booger! I missed watching him do his morning routine of "shining" all his train cars with a baby wipe (a ritual that usually lasts at least 30 minutes). I missed watching reruns of Calliou with him. I keep reminding myself that he needs this program to help him with his socialization skills. Part of Noah's sensory disorder is that he has trouble maintaining relationships with his peers. And in grand Noah fashion, when I went to pick him up, the rest of his classmates were all playing a game together while Noah was on the other side of the room playing by himself. He'll get there, one day!

Sadie is still loving school. She is making such great friends. She has gone on and on about how much she loves her friend Socorey. She is always talking about how nice he is. The other day, after 3 whole weeks of school, she finally made the connection that Socorey has brown skin like her new little brother will have. She thinks it is the coolest thing. She is going to love having another little brother!

And now that I am sure I've bored everyone to death with the mundane hum-drum of everyday life, I am going to jet outside in time to see the space shuttle zoom across the night sky. (Was that long enough for you, dad?!)

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