September 15, 2009

Things I've Learned

This seems to be a time in my life full of transitions. Sadie is in school, Noah has started mother's day out. And with all of this change, I have learned a lot.

I have learned that the drop-off at mother's day out is evidently a fashion showcase for the stay-at-home mom. These women show up in lipstick, high heels and runway dresses every day. Somehow I didn't get the memo and showed up in jeans and a baseball cap. Well. Okay, here's the real confession: Even now that I know it is fashionista city, I still show up in my jeans. And once I have even dropped off in my sweats. *gasp*

I have learned that grieving over sending my baby to kindergarten and baking for college kid's care packages can lead to a rapid 10 pound weight gain.

I've learned that when I go shopping with my mother, I buy a whole lot more than I would if I were by myself. I am impossibly frugal, but her "just buy it already!" makes me cave.

I learned that it is way easier to deal with a sick child than a sick husband.

I have learned that I far prefer the endless streams of paperwork required for adopting over being pregnant. (although I am glad I've had the opportunity to experience both)

I have learned that so far it seems easier to potty train girls than boys.

And speaking of potty training... I have been letting Noah run around naked to make it a little easier on him when the urge strikes. I have learned that allowing him to do crafts while naked is not a good idea. Naked crafting can lead to getting glue all over a certain area of the body that no boy would ever want to have glue on. I'm just saying.

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