October 31, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday,Noah!

For my darling Noah Bear,

Happy Birthday, little Halloweenie! It is hard to believe that you are 3! You still seem so little. So much littler than your sister seemed at 3. But that is one of the things I love about you so much. You are my tiny cuddle bug. I love that you are a snuggler. I love to hug you and kiss you and squeeze you! You have the greatest laugh and the cutest crackly voice.

Your life has not been easy. You live in a world that doesn't quite make sense to you. But you are a fighter. You are hard as nails and have never given up! You have come so far in the last year and I am so proud of you.

In the last year you have learned how to ride a tricycle, draw pictures, sing lots of songs and use the potty. You learned how to sleep in a big boy bed and FINALLY can sleep by yourself! You learned how to talk, much to our relief, and we have gotten hours of enjoyment out of the cute things that have come out of your mouth. You say "I love you" spontaneously, and it melts my heart every time! You are totally consumed with anything relating to cars and trains. Basically, if it has wheels on it, it is right up your alley!

You have figured out a way to live solely off of chocolate soy milk, Goldfish crackers and Little Debbie's 100 calorie brownies. Seriously- this is no exaggeration- this is all you eat.

You are so curious. You love to explore the outdoors. You are fearless almost to the point of madness and I love how you will try anything once.

Your dad and I just sit around and smile when we think about how cute you are. You have been our needy child, the one that we stay awake at night and worry about. It hasn't always been a picnic, but I love that you need me.

You have brought so much joy to my life. I LOVE having a crazy, snuggly, little boy running around. You have opened my eyes to so many things, and taught me so much about tenacity, patience and loving when it hurts. You are an incredible little boy. You have the brightest eyes, the most loving spirit, and I am madly in love with you!

Happy Birthday, Noah! I love you, sweet boy!

October 29, 2009

Adoption Questions and Comments

When we first told people that we were planning on adopting, most people were overwhelmingly supportive. However, lots of people have had LOTS of questions, and LOTS of comments about it. Most questions and comments are just out of curiosity. I understand that a lot of people we come in contact with don't have any experience with adoption, so we welcome their questions. I LOVE to talk about our adoption and love when people ask us about it. Some questions and comments have been funny. Some have been really hurtful. I understand that a lot of people really just don't "get" why we are doing this, being as how we are pretty sure that we could have more children biologically. So I thought that I would dedicate this post to the good, the bad, the inquisitive,the funny, the hurtful, and the downright nasty things we've heard on this journey. Because I am sure that if one person has thought it, you have maybe thought it too and just didn't want to ask. So here goes:

The Questions:

I am sure that every single person who has ever even considered an international adoption has heard this one:
Q. I don't understand why you'd go across the world to adopt a baby when there are kids here in the United States who need parents.
A. Yes there are kids here in the United States who need parents. There are lots of them actually. There are kids all over the world who need parents, whether they live in China, India, Russia, the US or Africa. I don't think that a lot of people know how hard it is to adopt domestically. It takes a lot of time and a lot of courage to fight the US legal system for parental rights. I seriously applaud the people who are called to adopt domestically. Families are made in lots of different ways. But I also know that in the US there is a system in place to deal with children who need families. Is the system perfect? NO! Could the system be better? YOU BET! But there is a system. Children are dying in third world countries for lack of food, clean water and health care. In many cases it is literally life or death. That is why we decided to go international. I don't in any way think that one is better than the other (domestic vs. international) Both are necessary and both make a major difference in the life of a child. It is just simply a personal preference for each family and we are doing what feels right for us.

Q. How do you get a baby? Is is like the dog pound (these were the words used, and we've heard this question a LOT!) where you go and look at all the kids and choose one that you think is cute?
A. Thank God, NO! I am not sure how it works in all countries but our agency matched us with a baby. I am glad that it works this way, because in no way would I ever be able to choose. I think that no matter how I chose, I would feel guilt, so I am glad that it was done for us.

Q. Will you go get the baby or will they be escorted to the US?
A. We will go to Africa to bring Baby Miles home. The process of this usually takes around 10 days. We probably won't both be able to go, because of finances and logistics of having 2 awesome kids at home that will need someone to care for them. It is a SERIOUS fight debate in our house about which one of us will go to bring home our son. I'll let you know when we reach a decision!

Q. How did you choose Africa?
A. This is where we feel God led us. If you are new to our story, you can visit our inaugural post HERE for more details

Q. In showing Miles' picture to someone they asked, "Did you know he was going to be black?"
A. Ummm, yeah?

Q. What do Sadie and Noah think of this. More specifically, how do the feel about having a black brother.
A. They are totally excited about it! We can all take a lesson from them about this- when they look at Miles' picture, they see his soulful big brown eyes, pouty lips and pink tennis shoes. They don't see the color of his skin as anything but beautiful. Just the way we do!

Q. How much does it cost to adopt a baby?
A. Every country is different. I'd rather not talk about our personal finances here (I know- you're shocked, since I seem to share everything else!) but if you are interested in adopting and want to talk about this, feel free to contact me privately and I would be HAPPY to spell it out for you! meganterry01@aol.com

Here is a replay of a conversation I have had. It has taken a few different forms with a few different people, but you get the gist:

Person: What happens if the child comes home and you don't adjust well?
Me: Well, when we had Noah we did not adjust well for a LONG time and we just loved him anyway. (see HERE for a post about Noah)
Person: Yes, but he was your child.
Me: THIS child will be MY child.

The Comments:

About 98% of the comments we've heard have been have been super positive and really supportive. A few have not been but first here's a funny one:

Once we had a picture of Miles, someone said, "Wow! He's not just black, he is really black! Like shiny black! You can tell he hasn't been watered down at all!" Still cracks me up just writing it.

And a few crappy comments :-(

I totally get that some people out there don't agree with what we are doing. However, my mama told me if you don't have anything nice to say come sit by me don't say anything at all! Clearly these people have no manners. (Or else they are missing their inner monologue!)

Heard: I just don't think what you are doing is right. You've got no business raising a black kid.
This one was so hurtful and racist that it didn't even deserve a rebuttal.

Heard: If you all can have more kids, don't you think you shoud save the orphans for the people who can't have kids. (Obviously, this person has no idea how many needy kids there are in the world!)

Heard: I "broke the news" to so-and-so racist person that you all were adopting.
Me: How about be excited about this and use this as a way to turn the tide!!!

Heard more times than I can count: What are you going to do about black hair!?!? You're going to have to learn to braid! Me: I think black hair is awesome and I will figure it out as we go! Don't get me wrong- I do have fear that I will totally screw this up because I know that it is really different from caucasion hair. And to add to this- people, be prepared that at some point in time, my son will have the coolest dreadlocks ever, because I LOVE dreads. And Afros too, the bigger and free-er the better! But for now, we'll probably stick with a buzz cut, until I learn what I am doing.

Heard: People will stare at you a lot when you have 2 white kids and 1 black kid.
I say- Bring it!

Heard: What you are doing is not going to change what is happening in Africa.
Me: I know that. Oh boy, do I know that. I don't think that adoption is the answer to solving the problems in Africa. I think that adoption is the last resort for these children. How awesome would it be if these kids could live in a country where their parents didn't die of preventable diseases? How awesome would it be if parents in Africa could afford to feed their families? How awesome would it be if we could end the conflict of competing rogue armies for natural resources? I know that by us adopting that we aren't going to change the plight of Africans, but I do know that we will make a difference for one child. One precious child of God. And I am okay with that. And in the mean time I will lend my voice to raise awareness about the continent of my sweet boy's birth every chance I get.

October 27, 2009

Faith Lessons

I learn things from my kids all the time, but last night Sadie taught me a major lesson. My sweet, little, 5-year old daughter was chosen to be the star student this week in her kindergarten class. (I am proud as a peacock!) One of the privileges of the being the star student is that you get to bring in your favorite book and the teacher reads it to the whole class. Sadie has about a million favorite books, so I was curious to see what she would pick. Last night when it came time to pick her book, she chose one called The Parable of the Lily. It is a story about a little girl whose grandfather gives her a crate of dirt with a bulb in it as a gift. The girl is less than excited about a box of dirt and throws the bulb out in the yard out of frustration. She forgets all about it and on Easter morning she is shocked to find that the ugly old bulb has bloomed into a beautiful Easter lily. Each page has scriptures relating to the story and how Jesus transforms our lives into something beautiful.

Sadie goes to a public school and I just knew that taking this book was not going to fly. So I told her that she couldn't take it and would need to choose a different book. She asked why and I told her that I was afraid if her teacher read it to the class that her teacher might get in trouble. Sadie just didn't get it. How in the world would I explain to my innocent child that Christ just isn't allowed in schools? I searched for words. How can I explain something that just doesn't make sense to me either. Finally, I told her that her teacher couldn't read that book to the class because not everyone believed in Jesus. And do you know what my awesome daughter said? She said, "But mom, if they don't believe in Jesus, it's my job to tell them he's real!" She is absolutely right! That is our job! And there I was trying to sabotage her mission field. I was ashamed of myself. In the end, I let her take the book to school in addition to another of her favorites. We got to have a great talk about telling our friends about Jesus. "After all" she says, "If they don't believe in Jesus, who do they think made all the Earth?"

I am so proud of her! I love that she is uninhibited in her faith and rock solid in her beliefs. I could definitely stand to take a lesson from my daughter about what it means to go and tell the nations and to be unashamed of the gospel! Thanks Sadie for the reminder! Oh, how I love that girl!

P.S. Our friends, Jamey and Stori Sullivan made it safely to Africa this morning and now have their baby boys in their arms! I got to see pictures of them and Stori is all smiles!

October 26, 2009

Baby Fever

This weekend I got to go to a baby shower for my sweet sister-in-law, Priscilla. She is due to have my first nephew, Logan, in 8 weeks! She's one of those tiny, little pregnant girls. You know, the kind that from the back you can't even tell are pregnant. The kind who seem to keep their cute, perky, little butts and magically don't gain an ounce of fat. The kind that makes those of us who blew up and got huge noses while we were pregnant wonder if we are just freaks of nature. She just looks so cute with her little baby bump! Prisci- thank your mama for your killer pregancy genes!
Aren't she and my handsome brother just adorable? Here's the cake I made for her jungle themed shower.

And here's one of all the women in the family with the parents-to-be. I LOVE it when we can all get together! I didn't ask their permission to post their pictures, but hopefully they won't sue.

When my mom got married, I was so fortunate to get 3 new brothers. Two of their wives are also pregnant. One with a little boy and the other has yet to find out. With Miles and Logan on the way, we are going to be adding 4 new babies to our family in the span of five months! How fun is that?!

And speaking of baby things, my blogger friend Babbling Abby is having a diaper bag giveaway on her blog- so stop on over and enter to win! You can click HERE to get to her blog.

And since I am just full of news today- our friends the Sullivan's are leaving this morning to go pick up their little boys from DRC! Please pray for their safe travels and for their family as they transition home with Baby Chad and Baby Ian.

Since it is Monday and I have a terrible case of the Monday's I am going to leave it at that for the day- have a great week!

October 23, 2009

Western Union

I have found out the truth. I have been believing a complete lie for years. The commercials are a sham... Western Union is NOT the fastest way to send money. Worldwide or otherwise!

Let me back up a bit. I received some great adoption news this morning. The Congolese government issued Baby Miles a birth certificate! That means he has a birthday- although, unfortunately, I have no idea when it is. This can sometimes take a loooong time, and they issued it in only 8 days. It is a God. Thing. I swear, He is smoothing the path for us in just about every way possible, except in the arena of money wiring to a third world country.

With this great birth certificate news, came the news that we need to send our attorney in the Congo more money to file our next petition. From sending money there a few weeks ago, I learned that there is only one Western Union in our whole county that is capable of sending an international transfer. And even they really have no idea how to do it. It is enough to make a girl pull all her hair out. Here is how the morning went. I will put my thoughts in italics, and actual words in real print.

I walk into Kroger and tell the clerk at customer service that I need to place an international money order through Western Union. I can see the stupidity written all over this girl.
"Where do you want to send the money?" she asks.
"Democratic Republic of Congo," I reply.
She starts typing on her computer. "I don't see it. Are you sure it's a country?" Ummm, yeah. Would you like me to pull an atlas out of my Afro and show you? "Yes ma'am, it's in Africa." I think for a minute about trying to educate this woman on the history, etc. of DRC, but decide that her blank stare is not worth the trouble.
She keeps staring at her computer..."Yeah, we don't have it. It's not a country." WTF... (that's exactly what I thought. The acronym, not the actual words. Weird, huh?)
Me:"I sent money there last week. I know that it exists. Can you please look again."
Crazy lady: "The only thing that starts with a D is Denmark. Would you like me to send the money to Denmark?" Seriously.
Me: "No ma'am. It won't really do me any good to wire the money to Denmark." Calm down. Breathe. Stop gritting your teeth. Do not cause a scene.
Psychotic Lady Behind the Counter: "Well, it'd be pretty easy to send it to Denmark. Ha, Ha." We go in circles like this for an eternity. I am getting nowhere.

Finally, I leave Kroger, drive all the way across town to our house to get the receipt from our last money transfer to show this lady, so she knows where to send our money. Since this has taken so long, I now have to pick Noah up from school.The joy of running errands with a 2 year old! I head back across town and hand the nut behind the counter the receipt from the previous money transfer. She studies it and goes back to her computer, types and stares...stares...stares... "Oooooh,"she says,"the Congo, here it is. I guess I wasn't reading it right before." I'm surprised you can read at all.
She giggles a little.
Giggle again, sister, and I may reach across the counter and transfer you to the Congo!!! Meanwhile, Noah has gotten bored. He begins singing (over and over and over) at the top of his lungs, "LIFE IS A HIGHWAY. I WANNA RIDE IT ALL NIGHT LONG..." I am desperate to keep him quiet. Between Noah's sheer crazy volume and the darling woman behind the counter, my nerves are shot. I run through the checkout and get Noah a diet coke to hold him over and give him something to occupy him. This will really come into play later.

The lady gets my transfer entered and I hand her my debit card to take care of the transfer. Little did I know that my bank has a $500 per transaction limit on our account to prevent fraud. So we can not complete the transaction. After. All. That. So I pack up my Noah and take my transfer papers and leave Kroger for the 2nd time with no luck. We truck it back across town to the bank to get enough cash to cover the transaction. We are about halfway there when Noah starts shrieking. He had shaken up the diet coke and it had exploded all over him. I had to pull over and change him into whatever mismatched clothes were in the diaper bag. He had on no less than 5 clashing shades of blue. We get the cash and head back to Kroger and FINALLY get the money sent to our attorney in DRC. NOT DENMARK. Idiot

Oh, Baby Miles, you are worth every minute of crazy customer service. But once you are home, I will NEVER use Western Union again!

October 20, 2009

It's Fall Y'all (And Congo Week, Too!)

I LOVE fall! I love everything about it- the weather, the candy corn, the crunching leaves, the smells, the candy corn, the pumpkin picking, the pumpkin carving, the candy corn...

Yesterday was such a beautiful, autumn day. The sun was shining and there was just a slight chill in the air. Noah and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to see how many different colored leaves we could find, but somehow that turned into a berry picking trip instead. We have 8 holly bushes in our front flower garden that are just full of bright red holly berries. Noah decided that he wanted to pick a few of those to put in his collection bag. One berry turned into 2 or 3 and the next thing I know, he had spent 45 minutes picking holly berries. One. By. One. It was very Blueberries For Sal, minus the bears. We had just heard a sermon on Sunday about finding joy through simplicity, and if that wasn't simplicity, then I don't know what is! He had the best time being focused on those berries and watching his baggie get full. A few times I heard him mutter, "Sadie's really going to be proud of me!" It just goes to show, you don't need fancy toys, or elaborate trips to check out the fall foliage. All you need is a sunny afternoon and a Ziploc bag to find pure bliss!

We capped off that great day by having a birthday dinner for Papaw Gary (Kamron's dad). In the middle of dinner, Gary pulled out his wallet and took out Miles' picture and put it up on the ledge next to our table so that baby Miles could join us for supper. I thought that it was such a cute gesture, and so sweet that he already had Miles' picture in his wallet. I love that our new son has such proud papaws!

Today brought about lots more fall fun with Sadie's field trip to the pumpkin patch and a hiking trip to Papaw Johnny's farm. It is always special for me to get to spend one on one time with our kids. Sadie and I got to spend our special time taking a ride on a hay wagon, and choosing our Halloween pumpkins. Sadie's favorite part was the corn maze- she really felt like and explorer. I don't think that she realized that every single path took you to the exit of the maze- as in: you couldn't take a wrong turn or get lost in there if you tried. I didn't have the heart to tell her, since she really felt like she accomplished something huge by making it through that maze! Then after school we headed over to Papaw Johnny's farm. We hiked all over the woods and took in all the beauty. I felt like we just had to soak it all in before winter! (Mom- I was being Frederick!) We walked up and down the dried up creek bed and gathered pockets full of walnuts and rocks. We found a fallen down tree in the forest that made a great balance beam and provided a whole afternoon of great entertainment. It truly is the simple things in life!

On a serious note...

This week is the second annual "Congo Week". Congo week was designed to raise awareness about the ongoing war in the DRC that has taken over 5.5 million lives and counting. Our sweet, precious boy lives amidst the greatest humanitarian crisis since the Holocaust. So much of this war is caused by the fighting for control of mineral mines and the trade of these minerals. The minerals mined in Congo make up components in nearly all of our electronic devices. Unless you are an incommunicado hermit, we've all (myself included) purchased things that are fueling this war. The war in the Congo is ripping families apart, creating child soldiers, perpetuating the rape of women and young girls and destroying an entire country. It has been said that "kids in Congo are being sent down mines to die so that kids in Europe and America can kill imaginary aliens in their living rooms.” One of the most important things we can do is educate ourselves and those around us. Recommend this blog or any other "Congo family" blog to people you work with. They are a great way to raise awareness in a non-threatening way. Click on the resources to the left to learn more about the war and our role in it. Make responsible consumer choices about what electronics companies you will buy from. Recycle your old cell phones, laptops and other electronics (many zoos have electronics recycling programs). Take a few minutes to email your senators about creating transparency for electronics companies (specifically ask them to support bill s.891). Because, while our baby Miles gets to escape the chaos, millions of other children won't get that opportunity. Where you are born should not determine whether you live or die. So do what YOU can to help these kids. Because there are LOTS of things that YOU can do. Visit some of these links to find out more:
The War the World Ignores
War, Rape, Murder: All for your cell phone

Thank you all so much for the support you've given us during this journey. And thanks in advance for what you are going to do to help make the Congo a better and safer place for the children we'll have to leave behind. If you are doing something to help, I'd love to hear about it (and applaud your effort!) Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what awesome things you're doing!

October 18, 2009

Silence Please!

I was jolted out of bed last night at 3am by Elmo yelling "WEEEEEEEEEEEE" followed by cookie monster going "Chomp, chomp, chomp!" My sleepy brain couldn't figure out what was going on. Was I being attacked by Muppet's? Turns out, Noah just left one of those crazy talking toys under our bed that just happened to decide that the middle of the night was the perfect time for a conversation.

This is not the first time this has happened in our house. Noah did not sleep through the night until he was 2. Yes- you read that right. Not a single solitary night until he was 24 months old. Which pretty much means I was cranky and sleep deprived for 2 whole years. I used to have to hold him and walk him in circles all around the living room and kitchen to keep him quiet in the night. It seems like it never failed that just as that nocturnal baby would drift to sleep, somewhere from the depths of hell the toy box, a little British voice would yell "Oh bother, someone's out of honey." After sending Pooh telepathic curses, I would think, "It serves you right, being out of honey. Bears who yell out in the night don't deserve honey!!!" To this day, I am still not a big Winnie the Pooh fan and I am pretty sure it's because of that stupid possessed toy.

My Granny Sadie (who we named our Sadie after) has a possessed toy too. Sometimes we'll be sitting in the living room and out of the closet will come this booming, robotic voice: "Touch the red heart!" "Sorry, try again." "Touch the blue diamond!" I swear, that thing sounds like it's reading the back of the Lucky Charms box and it always finds a bizarre time to do it.

Moms out there- I am sure you know what I am talking about. These things will just about drive you crazy. I have even found myself refusing to replace batteries in talking toys. Once, I even lied and told Sadie that they stopped making the batteries to replace the ones that came out of this talking duck toy that quacked "Splish, Splash, I Was Taking A Bath" at a volume so loud, I am surprised we didn't attract a huge duck migration. Lucky for me, when we decided about a year later to actually put batteries back in said duck, she didn't remember my slight indescretion.

I realize that I have just spent an entire post writing about what is, perhaps, the most rediculous topic I have ever blogged about. In case you haven't guessed, it's because there is nothing exciting going on in the Terry household. Aside from the screaming toys, it's been a great quiet weekend!

October 15, 2009

Back To Reality

Aside from the amazing news about our Baby Miles, it has been a really hard week. Sadie battled rotavirus for 5 days. She woke up sick to her stomach on the day we were supposed to drive home from vacation. We had no choice but to go ahead and drive home anyway. I mean, we would have loved to have stayed in the beach house forever, but the real world was unfortunately calling our name. We put that little sickie in the back of the van. Before we even crossed the Florida line, she had thrown up 4 times into Petsmart plastic baggies. I was totally proud of her. (I thought that was a skill one didn't acquire until college!) We limped on back to Kentucky. Upon arrival, we realized that that while we were gone, our refrigerator, furnace and Internet had all died. I am pretty sure someone from the major appliance companies broke into our home and wreaked havoc, just hoping that we'd have to buy new stuff. But alas, everything was repairable. (Take that, Maytag!)

Back to the point...Poor Sadie just could not get over her sickness and was getting really dehydrated. We took her to the doctor and he gave some anti-nausea meds and the ultimatum that if she didn't chug 24 ounces of water in a couple of hours, he'd have to send her to the hospital for fluids. She was so weak she could hardly drink, but she kept trying. I kept reminding her to take sips of water and she said in her pitiful, sick voice, "But Mom, if you keep making me drink all this water, I'm gonna litter in my pants." That was a whole new way of describing it! But she is finally feeling better and was able to return to school today.

We got all of our papers submitted to our DRC attorney a few days ago, but I have yet to hear if it has been submitted to the courts. We'll keep you posted as we find out information.

And speaking of information... I'd like a little information from you, dear readers. Our little, old, family blog has received 1000 hits this week! So if you like our blog, take a second (or 30) to click the "follow" button under the "Who's Reading" section. It's really easy and it's a great way to show your support for our family!

October 13, 2009

New Baby Pictures!

Christmas has come early! (For me at least!) After getting our referral picture, I expected that we wouldn't get any new photos for several months. However, when I woke up this morning, my email inbox was full of new pictures of our baby boy! Cami, who adopted the beautiful Solange and the handsome Joseph, has a friend who visited the orphanage on a mission trip in August and took lots of pictures of the children there. Cami recognized our little one and sent me copies of all the pictures he was in! How awesome is that!!!! He appears to have gained a little weight since these pictures were taken 2 months ago, so for that, we are thrilled. Little Solange told Cami that the mamas and older girls in the orphanage take such good care of the little babies. It appears that he gets held all the time! That puts my heart at such peace!

Also- there is the issue of sweet precious's name. I just love his Congolese name, Dieudonne. However, it is a little complicated. In fact, our kids can't say it. All along, we knew we wanted to preserve our child's original name in some way. So we have decided to name him (drum roll, please) Miles Dieudonne Terry. In my mind, he just looks like a Miles-kind of soulful and wise. So without further delay, here are the new pictures...

This one is my favorite. Something about that leaky diaper, Minnie Mouse socks and pink tennis shoes just makes me want to gobble him up!

Baby Miles being held by Mama Jessie, who takes care of the babies. She keeps the baby cribs right next to her own bed! Makes me feel like my baby boy is being very loved!

Miles (in the back) with his buddies. Evidently this is what happens when the babies get put down. I'm going to have my hands full!

Miles sporting a Harley Davidson shirt. My brother will be happy to know he's already a bad a@*! I love his "Whatcha talkin' bout, Willis" look in this one!

Not happy here at all! But those toothless baby gums are too cute!

This is in front of the Jamaa Letu orphanage. He's being held in the first row.

Thanks Cami for making my day! You are awesome!

October 11, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen: We’d like to introduce you to our son!

Isn’t he precious?!? We are absolutely over the moon! His Congolese name is Dieudonne. (Pronounced Dyuu-doh-nay) It is French, meaning “God’s gift.” Could that be any more appropriate? He is around 6-7 months old and was abandoned at the Jamma Letu orphanage in July. He appears to be healthy as a horse! I have been staring at his sweet picture for hours and am already madly in love! When Sadie first saw Dieudonne’s pictures she exclaimed, “He looks just like Noah!” Not sure about that, but he definitely looks like he belongs in our family!

We will begin court proceedings in DRC this week. From here, if things move quickly, we could bring him home in as little as 3 months. If things move slowly, it could take up to 6 months. Please pray that our sweet, precious, little boy continues to stay healthy and that the courts can move at lightning speed so we bring him home as soon as possible. I am just dying to squeeze him and love on those sweet cheeks!

October 09, 2009

Adios Beach

We have had such an amazing week. We've laid on the beach until we are all brown and crispy. We've swum in the pool until our hair feels like straw. We've swept sand our of our beds, our shoes and our bathing suits until we could build a small sand castle on the floor of our condo. And we've had a great time doing it!

We spent one morning at the Gulfarium, watching the dolphin shows. Those animals just completely amaze me! We had dinner on the bay one night and got to watch the sunset and see all of the fishing boats pull into the harbor for the evening. Outside our restaurant, there was a minature train that we all got to ride on. The conductor even let Noah sit in the driver's seat. That was just about more excitement than he could handle! I though he may just burst with happiness! Sadie got over her fear of the ocean and by the end of the week, she was swimming around and jumping waves with the best of them!

This morning Noah asked us how much longer we were going to stay in Congo. We didn't realize it, but this entire time, Noah has been thinking that we were in Africa instead of Florida! Hopefully, the next trip will be to Africa, though! Yay! It's time to head home, feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvinated. Thank you, God, for family vacations!

October 06, 2009

Just another day in paradise

I am a HUGE believer in vacations. Some of my happiest memories as a kid happened on family vacations. There is just something magical that happens when you take a mom and dad out of the never ending mountain of housework, charity work, office work, yard work, etc. You can breathe. You can relax. You can let go off all of the "junk" and just enjoy each other and reconnect. That is why we travel any time we get a chance.

When we are at home, our kiddos are serious creatures of habit. If we get the slightest bit off of our routine- their little lives just fall apart. But not on vacation. On vacation- anything goes. We eat when we get hungry. We sleep when we get tired. We play when we feel like it. We go swimming when the urge hits us. And the kids LOVE it! How awesome is it for a kid to have their parents 100% at their disposal without all of the distractions that always pop up when you're at home?

That being said- we are having a blast at the beach. Yesterday was rainy again and the beach was covered in teeny, tiny jelly fish. This is our fourth vacation to this exact spot and this is the first time we've ever had a drop of rain and also the first time we've ever seen a jelly fish here, so we almost feel like we were due. Noah- our kid who feels no pain- thought nothing of it to run all over those jellyfish. Either they were too little to sting, or he just didn't feel it. The rest of us didn't care to experiment to find out which it was. Sadie scooped up jelly fish with her shovel and poked them with sticks and squashed them with her flip-flop all evening. So that little hangup didn't phase them at all. In fact, when we went to the beach this morning and the jelly fish had all disappeared, they were a little disappointed. Go figure. Noah made the mistake of taking some Goldfish crackers down to the beach and was bombarded by a flock of seagulls. But he was glad to share as long as those squawking birds didn't get too close! He loves playing in the ocean. He begs for someone to take him in the waves. I am not sure why but he calls the big waves "double knot" waves, and the really big waves "Kung Fu Panda" waves. Sadie is definately a pool kid. I was too when I was little, so I totally understand. You could put that girl in a pool and she could stay there forever. She is getting to be a great swimmer!

Today was glorious! Blue skies, emerald green water. But as wonderful as it all is, I can't help but think that someone is missing. Several times Kamron and I have said to each other about how great it will be to have our other little one here, running and playing in the sand and jumping in the waves. I never knew it was possible to miss someone so badly that you've never even met.

The rest of the family is taking an afternoon nap, so I think I'll just post a few new pictures and join them!

October 04, 2009

Vacation- Day 1

Lots of clouds and rain couldn't stop us today! We ran back and forth to the beach between rain showers. We had a great nap and then off to dinner at Fudpucker's, where they had a huge lagoon filled with little alligators. What a great, gloomy day!

Life's A Beach

The Terry's are at the beach this week! We decided we needed one last vacation as a family of 4, so we are in sunny Florida. Well, actually Florida is not so sunny today, but there are still palm trees and a gorgeous ocean so I am good to go! We arrived yesterday to blue skies and 85 degree temperatures. We played in the ocean all afternoon and both kids loved it! Believe it or not- I forgot to take my camera down to the beach, so I'll have to wait and post some pictures tomorrow.

Still no word on our referral. 10 days has turned into 26, but such is life. The Sullivan's received their referral while they were on vacation in the Florida panhandle and we are hoping to keep that streak alive!

I want to ask those of you who are following our journey to take a minute to pray for our friends Lauree and Jeff. They are also adopting from DRC and have had a devastating week. You can read their story HERE. Please pray for them and for all the children in DRC who are desperate for families, and medical care.

I hear the beach calling my name. More later...
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