October 09, 2009

Adios Beach

We have had such an amazing week. We've laid on the beach until we are all brown and crispy. We've swum in the pool until our hair feels like straw. We've swept sand our of our beds, our shoes and our bathing suits until we could build a small sand castle on the floor of our condo. And we've had a great time doing it!

We spent one morning at the Gulfarium, watching the dolphin shows. Those animals just completely amaze me! We had dinner on the bay one night and got to watch the sunset and see all of the fishing boats pull into the harbor for the evening. Outside our restaurant, there was a minature train that we all got to ride on. The conductor even let Noah sit in the driver's seat. That was just about more excitement than he could handle! I though he may just burst with happiness! Sadie got over her fear of the ocean and by the end of the week, she was swimming around and jumping waves with the best of them!

This morning Noah asked us how much longer we were going to stay in Congo. We didn't realize it, but this entire time, Noah has been thinking that we were in Africa instead of Florida! Hopefully, the next trip will be to Africa, though! Yay! It's time to head home, feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvinated. Thank you, God, for family vacations!

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