October 06, 2009

Just another day in paradise

I am a HUGE believer in vacations. Some of my happiest memories as a kid happened on family vacations. There is just something magical that happens when you take a mom and dad out of the never ending mountain of housework, charity work, office work, yard work, etc. You can breathe. You can relax. You can let go off all of the "junk" and just enjoy each other and reconnect. That is why we travel any time we get a chance.

When we are at home, our kiddos are serious creatures of habit. If we get the slightest bit off of our routine- their little lives just fall apart. But not on vacation. On vacation- anything goes. We eat when we get hungry. We sleep when we get tired. We play when we feel like it. We go swimming when the urge hits us. And the kids LOVE it! How awesome is it for a kid to have their parents 100% at their disposal without all of the distractions that always pop up when you're at home?

That being said- we are having a blast at the beach. Yesterday was rainy again and the beach was covered in teeny, tiny jelly fish. This is our fourth vacation to this exact spot and this is the first time we've ever had a drop of rain and also the first time we've ever seen a jelly fish here, so we almost feel like we were due. Noah- our kid who feels no pain- thought nothing of it to run all over those jellyfish. Either they were too little to sting, or he just didn't feel it. The rest of us didn't care to experiment to find out which it was. Sadie scooped up jelly fish with her shovel and poked them with sticks and squashed them with her flip-flop all evening. So that little hangup didn't phase them at all. In fact, when we went to the beach this morning and the jelly fish had all disappeared, they were a little disappointed. Go figure. Noah made the mistake of taking some Goldfish crackers down to the beach and was bombarded by a flock of seagulls. But he was glad to share as long as those squawking birds didn't get too close! He loves playing in the ocean. He begs for someone to take him in the waves. I am not sure why but he calls the big waves "double knot" waves, and the really big waves "Kung Fu Panda" waves. Sadie is definately a pool kid. I was too when I was little, so I totally understand. You could put that girl in a pool and she could stay there forever. She is getting to be a great swimmer!

Today was glorious! Blue skies, emerald green water. But as wonderful as it all is, I can't help but think that someone is missing. Several times Kamron and I have said to each other about how great it will be to have our other little one here, running and playing in the sand and jumping in the waves. I never knew it was possible to miss someone so badly that you've never even met.

The rest of the family is taking an afternoon nap, so I think I'll just post a few new pictures and join them!

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