October 04, 2009

Life's A Beach

The Terry's are at the beach this week! We decided we needed one last vacation as a family of 4, so we are in sunny Florida. Well, actually Florida is not so sunny today, but there are still palm trees and a gorgeous ocean so I am good to go! We arrived yesterday to blue skies and 85 degree temperatures. We played in the ocean all afternoon and both kids loved it! Believe it or not- I forgot to take my camera down to the beach, so I'll have to wait and post some pictures tomorrow.

Still no word on our referral. 10 days has turned into 26, but such is life. The Sullivan's received their referral while they were on vacation in the Florida panhandle and we are hoping to keep that streak alive!

I want to ask those of you who are following our journey to take a minute to pray for our friends Lauree and Jeff. They are also adopting from DRC and have had a devastating week. You can read their story HERE. Please pray for them and for all the children in DRC who are desperate for families, and medical care.

I hear the beach calling my name. More later...

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