October 13, 2009

New Baby Pictures!

Christmas has come early! (For me at least!) After getting our referral picture, I expected that we wouldn't get any new photos for several months. However, when I woke up this morning, my email inbox was full of new pictures of our baby boy! Cami, who adopted the beautiful Solange and the handsome Joseph, has a friend who visited the orphanage on a mission trip in August and took lots of pictures of the children there. Cami recognized our little one and sent me copies of all the pictures he was in! How awesome is that!!!! He appears to have gained a little weight since these pictures were taken 2 months ago, so for that, we are thrilled. Little Solange told Cami that the mamas and older girls in the orphanage take such good care of the little babies. It appears that he gets held all the time! That puts my heart at such peace!

Also- there is the issue of sweet precious's name. I just love his Congolese name, Dieudonne. However, it is a little complicated. In fact, our kids can't say it. All along, we knew we wanted to preserve our child's original name in some way. So we have decided to name him (drum roll, please) Miles Dieudonne Terry. In my mind, he just looks like a Miles-kind of soulful and wise. So without further delay, here are the new pictures...

This one is my favorite. Something about that leaky diaper, Minnie Mouse socks and pink tennis shoes just makes me want to gobble him up!

Baby Miles being held by Mama Jessie, who takes care of the babies. She keeps the baby cribs right next to her own bed! Makes me feel like my baby boy is being very loved!

Miles (in the back) with his buddies. Evidently this is what happens when the babies get put down. I'm going to have my hands full!

Miles sporting a Harley Davidson shirt. My brother will be happy to know he's already a bad a@*! I love his "Whatcha talkin' bout, Willis" look in this one!

Not happy here at all! But those toothless baby gums are too cute!

This is in front of the Jamaa Letu orphanage. He's being held in the first row.

Thanks Cami for making my day! You are awesome!

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