October 26, 2009

Baby Fever

This weekend I got to go to a baby shower for my sweet sister-in-law, Priscilla. She is due to have my first nephew, Logan, in 8 weeks! She's one of those tiny, little pregnant girls. You know, the kind that from the back you can't even tell are pregnant. The kind who seem to keep their cute, perky, little butts and magically don't gain an ounce of fat. The kind that makes those of us who blew up and got huge noses while we were pregnant wonder if we are just freaks of nature. She just looks so cute with her little baby bump! Prisci- thank your mama for your killer pregancy genes!
Aren't she and my handsome brother just adorable? Here's the cake I made for her jungle themed shower.

And here's one of all the women in the family with the parents-to-be. I LOVE it when we can all get together! I didn't ask their permission to post their pictures, but hopefully they won't sue.

When my mom got married, I was so fortunate to get 3 new brothers. Two of their wives are also pregnant. One with a little boy and the other has yet to find out. With Miles and Logan on the way, we are going to be adding 4 new babies to our family in the span of five months! How fun is that?!

And speaking of baby things, my blogger friend Babbling Abby is having a diaper bag giveaway on her blog- so stop on over and enter to win! You can click HERE to get to her blog.

And since I am just full of news today- our friends the Sullivan's are leaving this morning to go pick up their little boys from DRC! Please pray for their safe travels and for their family as they transition home with Baby Chad and Baby Ian.

Since it is Monday and I have a terrible case of the Monday's I am going to leave it at that for the day- have a great week!

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