November 02, 2009

All Treats, No Tricks

We had such a fun Halloween and a great 3rd birthday for Noah. Here are the cuties in their costumes. This is as good as it gets- you try getting a costume on a kid with sensory issues and see how smiley they are for the camera!

My little princess

Our neighbor left candy on the porch. If you look at Noah's face you can tell he thinks he's pulling a fast one on the schmuck who just left their candy laying there!

The neighborhood gang on their door-to-door campaign.

With Noah's birthday, came his graduation from First Steps, our state's early intervention program. We've come to love his therapist, Crystal, just like family. She's helped us understand our child and helped us navigate the waters when, at times I felt like throwing in the towel. We were so lucky to have her there for us. But now we can just get together for play dates instead of therapy, since she has the most adorable little boy! Thanks for everything, Crystal!

Noah and Crystal on the last day of therapy.

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