November 17, 2009

Happy Union!

As I type, four precious, little Congolese babies are making their way to the United States. They are coming home to be united with their forever families! Please pray for the safe travels of these little ones. Their names are Chad, Ian, Cloee and Gabriel. I pray that they will feel the full love of their new families and can transition easily into their new lives. I am also saying a prayer of thankgiving for our attorney, Jilma, with Our Family Adoptions, who works so hard to make these miracles happen.

I'd love to type more, as there are a million ideas swimming through my head, but I am on day one of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and my arms are hurting so badly that it's painful to type! So far the score is: Jillian Michaels-1, me-0.

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