November 05, 2009


I am thinking about this little boy even more than usual today...

We have known about baby Miles for almost a month now. I have done great with the wait so far, but it is starting to drag. Once I saw that face, he was instantly a part of our family. We are now incomplete without him at our house. The kids pray for him every night. When we sit down for a meal we ask that his belly will also be full and that he will be kept safe. Noah loves looking at his pictures. Sadie has told all of her friends she is getting a new little brother.

We are so ready for him to come home and be with us forever. Not ready in the sense that the crib is up, or the baby clothes washed, but in that our hearts are overflowing with love for him. We know so very little about Miles, but already I am so in love with him. I didn't really expect for that to happen so instantly, but it has. And today, especially, I am longing to have him here with me...

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