November 22, 2009

Missing Miles

We bought our first Christmas present today! And it was for sweet baby Miles! The whole family loaded up and went to Build A Bear and made Miles a bear. The kids have talked about doing this for months and were super excited that today was bear making day. They named Miles' new bear "Congo". We placed a little heart inside the bear that we had each made a wish on for our new baby boy. We recorded a sweet little message for him, so when you press Congo's hand it says "We love you baby Miles. See you soon!" in Sadie's sweet little voice. My hope is that when we give it to Miles in Africa, not only can he snuggle his new bear, but he can also get familiar with his siblings' voices before he comes home to meet them. They played their message over and over again in the car and talked about how they couldn't wait until Miles comes home. They talked about how they wished he could be home for Christmas and presents and all the excitement. I sat in the front seat with tears coming down, because I wish for all of those things too. And while I know that Christmas this year will be so magical with a 6 and 3 year old, I can't help but wish for my Miles, so many miles away, to be with us in person, not just in spirit.

So many people have asked us exactly where we are in the process now. We don't have too much longer to go. Last week our attorney told us that our adoption is "almost complete". Once it is considered complete, meaning that Miles is legally ours and we have all the accomanying documents that will get him into the US, Miles has to stay in the DRC for 30 days (stupid law) then we can bring him home. So most likely it will be January before that darling bundle of joy is in our arms. We filed our first papers on 4th of July weekend. So if everything goes as scheduled and we get to pick up Miles in January, our adoption from start to finish will have taken just 6 months. We could not be more thrilled with the whole thing. Please keep praying for the health and safety of our baby.

Here are some fun photos of Sadie, Noah and Congo.

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