November 08, 2009

Orphan Sunday

Today is National Orphan Sunday. This is the day that churches around the nation raise awareness and funds for the more than 140 million orphans worldwide. 140 million. It. Blows. My. Mind.

The contrast in my home today couldn't be more stark. Today we had a joint birthday party for Noah, who turned 3 last week, and Sadie, who turns 6 next week. Our kids hit the jackpot. They got lots of new toys, clothes, art supplies, etc. It is hard sometimes for me to know how to process this. I have a child that is half a world away who has nothing. And the two that live in my house want for nothing. Sometimes I feel so much guilt that comparatively we have so much when others have so little. I am working on this. I want to be able to enjoy the things that we have but also recognize that there is so much good that we can do for others with the things that we have.

And so, on this orphan Sunday, I find myself thinking of the children that we can help. I know that in this blog, I usually focus on the problems in Africa. I love Africa. I have a heart and a passion for Africa. A huge chunk of my heart lives there. But today, all I can seem to think about are the orphans in Haiti. I have never been to Haiti, and I am no expert, but a few months ago I was introduced to a story about 4 little boys in Haiti and an amazing medical program that I believe in 100%. There is a team on the ground in Haiti that is administering "Medica Mamba" for starving children that come into their rescue centers. Medica Mamba literally translates into "peanut butter medicine". Children are given this ready to administer Medica Mamba to help them put on weight and get nutrients and protein into their starving bodies. It is so hard to imagine not having food. In the United States we take for granted that food is readily available. We take for granted that their are programs out there that help to meet the needs of undernourished children. But in third world countries, food is a luxury. All to many children look like this:

These little boys are named Dieuvelet, Peterly, Jonny, and Gilderson. So many times we look at these photos and we say things like "Oh that's so terrible," or "It breaks my heart to see this." And while those things are true, the hurt in the world is too great for us to just "talk" about it. We have the power to do something. These 4 little boys made it to a rescue center where they were given Medika Mamba. Look at how it transformed their lives:

This is proof that change can happen. These little boys and the 140 million other orphans in the world don't need your pity. They need your help. And they need it right now.

I love the Real Hope for Haiti organization that runs the Medika Mamba program. They are putting their resources into saving the lives of starving children like Peterly and Jonny and countless others. I urge you to turn your pity into action. Go to their website by clicking HERE and donate to help them buy more Medika Mamba. Even if you can only give $5. Your $5 makes a huge difference in the life of a starving child. Don't let this orphan Sunday be just like every other Sunday. Make a difference. Please give.

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