November 29, 2009

Weekend Update

It seems like it's been a million years since I've done a real post. It's just pure laziness- because for days we haven't done a thing except wipe noses and fight allergies.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. It was a perfect stress-free holiday- and that is a rarity around these parts! We had dinner at my Granny Sadie's house and then headed over to Kamron's family's for desserts. Kamron's grandmother is in the very advanced stages of Alzeimer's and is going downhill very fast. But she was actually awake and more alert that we had seen her in a long time and it was great to see that.

And aside from one itty bitty piece of my father in law's killer chocolate chip pecan pie (I know- I'm drooling just thinking about it) I have stuck to my diet like glue. And in case you are wondering- I am still shredding. It is day 13 of the 30 day shred and I have only missed 3 workouts. My muscles still cuss at me every time I do the video- but surely that must mean it's working. 2 weeks in and 5 pounds lost! Yippee! Noah LOVES doing the workouts. He's quite the little motivator. And he looks hysterical shadow boxing in his skivvies. All in all, he's turned out to be a pretty good workout partner, even if he does have a constant stream of snot coming out of his nose.

We've had a little more dog drama over the holiday weekend, which included a trip to the emergency animal hospital this morning. Our poor Emma was shaking like a leaf and couldn't breath. She was so messed up that she couldn't walk and was just acting really weird. We were convinced that something was really wrong with her. We had prepared ourselves for the worst. Maybe we've just seen Marley and Me one too many times, because we had convinced ourselves that her stomach had flipped or some other terrible thing. I drove her to the vet, thinking over the last seven years with our dog and how sad the children would be if something happened to their beloved Emma. But after being thoroughly checked out by the vet, we found out our crazy mutt was having...a panic attack. The vet had to sedate her just so she could breath. I swear, if that doesn't spell drama queen, I don't know what does. So now the beast is going to have to be tranquilized for a few days and put on a regular regimen of anti-anxiety meds. Seriously. I mean how stressful can being a dog really be? One plus out of the whole ordeal is that in her stupor, I was able to get Emma to stand still long enough to take some pictures of my Sadie and her doggie. Usually when I take pictures of the dog, there is just a big, yellow blur or I end up with only a tail in the pic.

Usually if we have issues with the kids, it is always with Noah. And while he has had his testy moments the last few days, the biggest drama was with Sadie on Saturday night. I have no idea what really happened to her, but girlfriend just fell apart. We were watching that heartbreaking UK game when Sadie came down from her bed just sobbing. The big time, uncontrollable kind. We kept asking her what was wrong. She just kept saying, "I'm afraid I'm gonna be in big trouble." Now I can count on one hand the number of times Sadie has ever been in trouble in her life, so I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. Turns out, Little Miss, pulled out or cut (we still can't make sense of it) a huge chunk of her eyelashes out. Really- she has a big bald patch. She was just hysterical about it, and for some reason, I couldn't stop laughing about it. My laughing was so bad and so completely inappropriate, Kamron had to send me out of the room to get myself together. She kept wanting to know if all her eyelashes would grow back in her sleep. Like in one night. Kamron asked her a few times, very sweetly, why she pulled them all out. She just kept saying through the sobs, "I couldn't help it. I just had to!" So Kamron asked her if she felt like she could stop doing it and she seriously said she didn't know if she could stop pulling them out or not. I was listening from the other room and I still couldn't get it together. The whole thing just seemed way to weird to me and I couldn't figure out, why in the world you would pull all your eyelashes out. Seems to me that it would hurt, pretty dang bad. Anyway- she finally promised that she wouldn't pull anymore out and we put her to bed on our floor with an ice pack on her eye for good measure. She is extremely embarrassed about it all, so if you see Sadie- do not bring this up! Just quietly observe the bald spot and go on with life! She said this morning that she was glad we were all too sick to go to church so no one would look at it.

Before all that happened, though, Sadie gave me a makeover- complete with hair, bright blue eyeshadow and a glamour shots session afterwards.

My dad came over to eat dinner and watch the 60 minutes special about the Congo. If you missed it- you can watch it HERE. He helped Sadie with her homework while Noah pestered them to death.

The kids decided that they needed to watch TV inside their own individual "boats"...

...and that this is the cool new way to eat lunch...

And that about does it for this edition of "Weekend Update." For Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, I'm Megan Terry. Goodnight.

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