December 17, 2009

Blow Holes and Bananas

The holidays are upon us! Have you been eating from your four main Christmas food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup? (A nod to Elf- one of the BEST Christmas movies of all times!)

We took the kids to see Santa last night. Sadie had been preparing Noah that sometimes at the mall, one of Santa's helpers is pretending to be the real Santa because the real Santa can't be at every mall all the time. But she was really hoping that the real Santa would be at the mall we went to last night. She took a gaze at him and decided that he was, indeed, the real Santa. Guess we lucked out, huh?!?
Kamron was wondering why I didn't dress the kids up a little to have their picture made with Santa. I think I am becoming one of those moms who just doesn't care about that kind of stuff anymore. I am also that mom who refuses to spend $25 on a 4x6 photo made by the mall people. I took along my own camera and snapped away. I think I am getting way to practical in my old age! No offense to the moms out there who do the professional Santa photos. (I can just about guarantee that if you are that mom, though, that you only have one kid!) By the way- are there any moms out there who can help me solve this Christmas conundrum? Noah's Christmas list only consists of two items: a pterodactyl and a blow hole so that he can turn into a whale. Anyone know where I can get either of those items?

Today was the fifth day of our Christmas Kindness project. It has been my favorite thing we've done so far. Today we went to the store and got tons of bananas. Then we took our bananas to my great-grandmother's nursing home and the kids passed them out to all the residents. I swear they were way happier about it then they look in this picture. They kind of look like they are being lulled into a coma by the bananas. The old ladies just fussed over the kids and wanted to hug and kiss all over them. The kids were great! They passed out hugs and bananas and said "Merry Christmas" to anyone who was awake. The residents just lit up when they saw the kids. I imagine it has to be such a joy to have little ones come to visit. This was by far the most rewarding thing we've done. We have another nursing home project on the schedule for Sunday and we are all really looking forward to it!

Here's to hoping that your holiday preparations are smooth and stress-free. Remember- keep it simple! 20 years from now, your children won't remember what they opened under the tree. They'll remember the traditions and the time they spent with you! (And least that's what I keep telling myself!)

Noah telling Santa all about pterodactyls

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