December 28, 2009

Holiday Wrap-up

I've been a really bad blogger lately! It is not for lack of words. I think that it is lack of time. That and the fact that I am pretty sure I have vertigo, so I am insanely dizzy which makes the computer screen slant to the right. It looks to me like the typed letters are going to just run right off the page. Uggghh!

Anyway- Christmas in this house was fabulous. The kids were so excited Christmas Eve, I'm surprised they slept at all. Sadie made Santa a little pile of goodies. I am ashamed to say that Santa's cookies were store bought, because- well, life happens. Sadie also wrapped up a book for Santa to read while he was here. And she set out his milk at around 6pm so it was pretty much spoiled by the time they went to sleep. Luckily Santa has the option of pouring his hot milk down the sink instead of chugging it.

Then it was Christmas morning. My dad always shows up before the rooster crows (we don't really have a rooster, I'm just sayin') so that he can be here to see the kids run down the steps on Christmas morning. It is one of my favorite traditions. We open gifts and then have a huge Christmas breakfast with homemade cinnamon rolls, hashbrowns and breakfast cassarole. Noah got a very tiny bike this year. Sadie's big gift was a Leapster. When she opened it, she wasn't too excited, but since she figured it out, she has spent many an hour looking like this:

I have to say, though, that my very favorite gift given this year was one that Sadie gave to her dad. The week before school let out, the PTO had a holiday shop where the kids could bring money and buy gifts for their parents or siblings or whoever. I was working at the shop when Sadie's class came in. I asked her what she wanted to choose for daddy and she immediately gravitated to the most hideous thing available- a pair of orange camo work gloves. She was in utter amazement that she had found the perfect gift. She couldn't stop talking about how much daddy needed those gloves and how much he would just love them and how he just had to have them. I have to admit, they were so ugly that I felt like I had to tell Kamron about them to prepare him. It is the kind of ugliness that just takes your breath away. But once he was in on the surprise he played it up for weeks. He'd say things like, "My hands sure are cold, I wish I had some nice warm gloves." Sadie would just smile. By the time Christmas morning rolled around she could hardly wait another minute to give Kamron his gift. She ran down the steps and before she could even look at the things that Santa left, she grabbed up the box that she wrapped herself and gave it to her daddy. I love this picture because you can see just how excited she is about giving her "perfect" present!

And here's the happy reciever. See- I told you it was the kind of gift you need to prepare someone for!

Then it was off to my Granny Sadie's house for lunch. She is married to my grandfather who had the stroke last week and is still in the hospital. We convinced her to take a short break from the hospital so that we could celebrate as a family. We decided that grandaddy would have wanted us to all still get together, so we did. And even though it was strange, with Grandaddy's empty chair at the end of the table, it was still wonderful to all be together. My Granny's house is the one place I can go that feels like home to me. With divorced parents, I don't have my childhood home to go "home" to. So for me, it isn't a holiday without going "home" to Granny's. There are so many happy memories for me there. And even though this year was emotionally very hard, there are still happy memories to take away. Like Noah running all over the house with his cousin Julia and her new umbrella.

Or watching my Granny open her new footed jammies.

Then Christmas night, it was time for Kamron's family to come over and celebrate! (I'm getting tired just recapping it!) Unfortunately, by this time, the afore mentioned vertigo had kicked in and I needed the aid of a wall to hold me up. It was like I'd had about 3 margaritas. {You know- the point where you think, I've had one too many, but 1 short of full out sickness? Not fun. AND not that I've ever done that before- I am merely guessing :-) } So the inlaws came and I was a terrible, dizzy hostess. But it was still fun. The kids were terribly spoiled by their aunt Kennethia, and they always love getting to spend time with their Papaw Gary and Granny Liz. (Here's Noah and Granny Liz)

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is right after we put the kids to bed. Kamron and I always sit on the couch and stare at the Christmas tree and talk about the day and share our best memories of the kids. Sometimes we rehash Christmases past, so that we can keep those memories alive. I always look forward to this part of the day. Actually, it is probably one of my favorite things that Kamron and I do together all year. I love that boy.

Christmas was so magical. The only thing that could have made it any better was if Miles was here to celebrate it with his family.

On Saturday morning there was lots of playing with new toys. Then it was off to GranMary's for the last of the Christmas gluttony. This was her first Christmas with her new husband, so this was the first time we got the whole "new" family together for a holiday. It was great. We adore them all so much and it is nice to make new traditions as well as share some of our traditions with new people. Here's the whole crew. I love being a part of a big family. Over the course of the next 6 months, we'll be adding 3 more little boys to this family. Next year should be LOTS of fun!

And now that I am utterly exhausted from the recap, I think I'll stop typing go play another round of Guess Who with Sadie and run cars around the race track with Noah. Yay for new things to play with! Hope your holiday was merry and bright!

P.S. If you do nothing else today, stop by my friend Carrie's blog. She is doing the coolest fundraisor to raise money for Our Family Adoptions (the organization that is helping us bring Miles home.) This won't cost you a thing, but raises money for kids in the DRC who are desperate for help. All you have to do is click around her blog and the kiddos make money. How cool is that?!?

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