December 16, 2009

On the 4th day of Christmas Kindness I Was Eaten By A Microraptor

Noah's imagination is running wild today. He has been wanting to play this game all day where he pretends to be a baby bird and I'm the mama bird. The premise of this game is that the "birds" stay in their "nest" and try to avoid predators. We made a nest on my bed out of lots of pillows and blankets. Then we each had a blanket to put over ourselves that served as our egg. The whole game all we do is go in and out of our eggs. For instance, Baby Bird (Noah) says, "Hurry Mommy Bird! Get in your egg, it's getting ready to storm!" We pull the blankets over our heads and wait. Then, we he feels we've waited in our eggs long enough, he'll say, "Pop out of your egg Mommy Bird- it's day!" He addresses me as "Mommy Bird" in every single sentence. We dodged all kinds of weather- rain, snow, tornadoes. Then the real fun began when we were evidently the prey of choice for countless animals. We hid in our eggs to avoid being eaten by rhinosaurs (he evidently did a little creative breeding in his head!), ondacondas (anacondas), dragons, and microraptors. I think he's been watching a little too much Dinosaur Train on PBS! The game finally ended (after a solid hour of getting in and out of our eggs) when I couldn't get into my egg fast enough and was eaten by a microraptor. What a terrible way to go.

On a happier note- today is the 4th day of Christmas Kindness! Today we chose the Backpack Program in our town to be the recipient of today's donation. The Backpack Program works with the school system to provide food for kids on the weekends who wouldn't otherwise be able to eat when school is not in session. This is such an awesome program. They send the weekend food (all prepackaged- because some of these kids don't have anyone to help them prepare the food) home with the kids in a backpack. This way- they still look like everyone else. It keeps kids from being singled out in their classes by carrying grocery bags home from school. I am all for any program that ministers to kids while being mindful of their integrity. With Christmas Break coming up- the backpack program tries to send home enough food with each kid to get them through the 2 weeks that they are out of school. That requires a LOT of food. Sadie's school has been collecting food donations for a few weeks, so today we purchased lots of single serve food items for her to take in.

The other recipient of some Christmas Kindness is my blogger friend Corey. She has adopted a whole truckload of children from Haiti. I don't know if you know much about Haiti- but it is an awful place to live. It is an even more awful place to give birth. The maternal death rate and the infant mortality rate would blow your mind. Heartline Ministries in on the ground in Haiti, helping to provide prenatal care to these mothers in Haiti. They are raising money to purchase an ambulance to help transport the mothers to and from the clinic. Getting to give birth in the clinic often times means the difference between life and death for a mom in Haiti. So Corey- and a whole bunch of other crazies- are running in a marathon to raise money to purchase this ambulance. About a month ago a college student offered a $10,000 dollar for dollar match to anything given to Heartline by the end of this year. So the pressure was really on for these runners to make as much money as they could so they could get the matching funds. Corey is a flippin' one woman fundraising machine. Right now she is hosting a raffle, with more awesome prizes than you can shake a stick at (can you tell I'm a KY gal?) If she can raise $1200 in the next 48 hours- she is adding a brand new Wii to the raffle! All the prizes for the raffle were donated by her blog readers- so all of the money donated goes directly to Heartline Ministries to buy the ambulance. I believe 100% in this ministry and for the fourth day of Christmas Kindness we made our contribution to Corey's cause. Want to help the women of Haiti and at the same time have the chance to win some great stuff? Of course you do- you mission minded people, you! Hop on over to Corey's blog and make a donation!

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