December 15, 2009

We officially grew!

He's ours! We got the most wonderful news this morning that our adoption is complete and Miles Dieudonne is officially a Terry! Woo Hoo!!! In our hearts, he's been our son since the moment we laid eyes on him, but now we are also legally his parents. I am still waiting to hear from our agency to determine travel plans and such, so I'll update again when I know more. For right now, I am going to continue doing the happy dance and grinning ear to ear! I am officially a mama to THREE kiddos!!!

It is also our third day of Christmas Kindness. On day two we took all of our old towels and blankets and some new chew toys to our local animal shelter. This was a great lesson for Sadie. I am not so much of an animal person, but Sadie is just crazy about animals. We got to have a great conversation about how no matter what it is you are passionate about, there is a way to give back.

Today is garbage day in our neighborhood, so for the third day of Christmas Kindness we went around the neighborhood and anonymously pulled people's garbage cans off the curb and put them next to their respective houses. This one was not such a fun one to do. It is crazy cold in Kentucky today and pulling around garbage cans makes for really cold fingers. But we got to talk about how fortunate we are to have a warm home to live in to get out of the cold. We said a prayer for those who don't have shelter. I am just loving doing this little family project. It is a daily reminder to put things in perspective!

Freezin' for a reason

Sadie- wishing she could smuggle this little shelter dog into our home

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