December 04, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Sorry I didn't post the Pampered Chef Giveaway winner last night. The flu has me in it's grips as we speak. I didn't have the energy to write the entries on slips of paper to put in my big mixing bowl. So today, from the comfort of my bed, I managed to get a pen and some scissors to get this giveaway going! So the winner is...

Amanda, from Mississippi!

Now Amanda, you have a serious choice to make. Because of my flu induced stupor, I can't muster up the energy to go to the post office. I do, however, have a pre-paid shipping box already at my house. Problem is, the basket won't fit in it. So- I can either take the goodies out of the basket and ship them all to you today, or you can wait until next week and I can ship the whole thing. And just FYI- the basket itself is completely worthless. I am pretty sure I snagged it at a Garden Ridge Sidewalk Sale back in the day. So don't feel like your missing out on Longerberger or anything. I'll leave it up to you! Decisions, decisions! Dear Amanda- just email me your address and your shipping preference! Congrats and happy baking!

And another update. Do you remember that cute little boy Xavian that I had you all praying for? His MRI was this past week and it was clear! No more treatments or surgeries for Xavian! He'll get new scans every three months, but for now he gets to be home for Christmas with his family! Thanks for praying for him!

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