January 14, 2010

Here A Chick, There A Chick...

Happy Birthday, Chicken John- aka Papaw Johnny!

My dad has been telling Sadie for almost 2 years that he was going to get some chickens to raise on his little farm. Last week he said he was finally ready to bite the bullet and get a "few" chickens. Tonight at his birthday dinner, he informed us that he ordered 130 chickens! Now that is quite a bit more than "a few". (I was thinking he meant 7 or 8?!) And guess how one acquires chickens? Through the US postal service, of course. How cool is that? We can't wait to go and pick up 130 day-old chicks from the post office. It's all happening at the end of March. Aside from Miles' homecoming it's going to be the most highly anticipated event of the spring. So it's out with Papaw Johnny and in with Chicken John! Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you!

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