January 27, 2010

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...

My heart does a little flutter every single time a new donation comes in!

Your generosity tells me two things. ONE- y'all really want to go to the beach, AND TWO- y'all really care about the orphans in DRC and the people of Haiti. ( I think my international readers just scratched their heads and thought, who is this "y'all" she speaks of?)

I have so much love for every single one of you who have donated. In about 30 little hours I'll get to turn all that money over to the great organizations we've designated. Which means that you only have ONE MORE DAY to get in on the action!!!!

If you are a little new here- right before the raffle we did a campaign to raise money for the orphans I'll encounter in DRC- and $1500 was raised! Once the raffle started, the money started rolling in! (See, I knew you would LOVE the chance to go to Florida!) As of this minute, the raffle has brought in $2940! Add it all together and in about 3 weeks you all have managed to raise a whopping $4440!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! I have one last little challenge for you. Can we get to $5000? I think we can do it. That is just 56 more tickets to go!!!! If we can get to $5000 (the chip-in will have to read $3500) I swear- I'll do a really awesome giveaway when I recuperate from the raffle stress!

On a side note, is it wrong of me to have a little tinge of revenge for all those companies who wouldn't hire me out of college to do corporate fundraising? I'd like to call and tell every one of them to never EVER underestimate a mama who has passion for what she's doing! I also got turned down by lots of newspapers, too, but such is life!

In case you need a reminder of the bliss you could win, here's another picture of that beautiful Destin Beach...(and no- the kids don't come with the trip. Actually...on second thought...)

Sadie and Noah in Destin- Fall 2009

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