January 15, 2010

New Digs

Today we put up the crib! It's really happening! I'm sure that your next question is the inevitable "when are you traveling?" And while I'd LOVE to share all that's going on with our travel plans, I'm just not at liberty to do so. Sorry, loves. In due time.

When our Noah Bear moved out of his crib, we bought bunk beds for his room. We knew that during this adoption process we were going to request to be matched with a boy. We also said that we'd take a child up to age 3. We thought that we'd just put our 2 toddler boys in the same room and all would be wonderful. We just assumed that we'd be matched with a toddler, since they are harder to match and we were more than happy to have a toddler. Imagine our surprise when we were matched with a teeny tiny! So there we were with the bunk beds and we'd be needing a crib! We didn't have the beds actually bunked because we have weird ceilings and it just didn't seem practical. Sadie and Noah have been wanting to sleep together for months now so having the 2 beds in the same room was handy. The first month they each took a bed in the same room. Lately, though, the scene has looked like this:

They sleep sideways for some reason and Sadie's legs stick off a good foot and a half, but they seem to like it. {My little brother and I did the same thing until we were in high school. (same room- not the same bed because that would have been too gross.) Then I wanted to be on the phone til midnight every night and I gave him the boot.} We didn't want to split up Sadie and Noah and I didn't really want to put Miles in Sadie's pink room, so it appears that all 3 kids will now be sharing a room. This is what they want to do, so I'm just going with it. Yeah- the furniture doesn't match, but for some reason I just don't care. I think that this 3rd kid is mellowing me out! (Hallelujah!) So after some configuring and some fantastic eBay finds, here's the new digs.

Noah and his Aunt Kennethia decorated the door a few weeks ago with some Bendaroos. I LOVE it! If you are a mom and you have young kids you have got to get some Bendaroos. They are too much fun. (They say you can only buy them on TV but you can get them at Walgreen's.)
Sadie loves to get on the computer and look at the pictures I put on here. If she saw that I put up Noah's room without putting up hers, she would be upset. She's just sensitive like that. So here's Sadie's room that no one sleeps in!

Now- if we could only get a cute, little, snuggly baby to put in that crib we'd be all set!

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