January 12, 2010

New Picture of Miles!!!

Adoptive mamas...what's better than a million dollars??? That's right! It's new pictures!!! Actually it is picture in the singular, but I am SO grateful to have it. A facebook friend of mine works to send in supplies to the Congo through the United Methodist conference that sponsors Miles' orphanage. I heard a rumor that new pictures of the Jamaa Letu (Miles' orphanage) kids might be circulating. So I thought I'd just shoot him a message and see if he could dig through his photos for a picture of our little guy! And he had one!!!!! (Can you tell how excited I am from all the exclamation points?) And here he is: (We think this picture was taken on New Year's Day- so it is only 11 days old!)

It is just so good to see his little face (even if he is doing something kinda weird with his eye.) His hair looks like it has grown a little bit, but he looks smaller to me- like maybe he's lost a little weight. I don't know- it's so hard to tell from a picture. I can't wait to finally see that boy smile! Not too much longer.

So I asked (practically begged) for a picture and it happened. Now if I beg you to make that chip-in meter (on the left) move will you do it? It hasn't moved all day!

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