January 11, 2010


The world according to a three year old is a fun one. Here are a few of Noah's latest ramblings:

***While shopping in Kroger last week (which was PACKED because of the snow advisory) Noah sat in the front of the cart yelling to all the people in the aisles to "Look out! A boogie trap is about to get you! Run!" Old ladies fighting each other for milk and bread did not find this amusing. I'm pretty sure he meant boobie trap.

***While trying to get Noah to spread his fingers to put on his gloves: "I can't do it! It's dark inside my gloves and my fingers are too scared!"

***While telling Noah to "push, push, push" his feet into his snow boots: "I'm trying to push but I'm afraid I'm gonna lay an egg!"

***Screaming from the bathroom: "Mom- come look at this! I pooped in Chinese!" Still not sure what this means, but he sure was proud of himself!

***"Mom, what does coffee taste like? Hot, mint or sour?"

And by the way... do you remember the great deal we got on the black Cabbage Patch doll last week? Sadie has named her Tootie (and no, she's never watched the Facts of Life.)

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