January 14, 2010

Odds and Ends

I think that I have become one of those people who wouldn't function well as a single person. Kamron had a seminar tonight at work and he wasn't home for dinner. Even when he has band stuff- he's still always home for dinner. So when he's not- look out! When it is just me and the kids- I don't cook. We all fend for ourselves. Sadie had pizza rolls in the microwave. I had a bowl (or two) of Lucky Charms. And Noah had 100 calorie hostess cupcakes, which he ate in the nude. I justified this by reminding myself that yesterday Noah ate an entire 1-lb bag of baby carrots by himself. It took him about 4 hours to do it- but he ate the whole bag. That should be enough nutrition to carry him through a dinner of cupcakes. Lord help us if circumstances ever made me have to be a single mom!

Today we got to go to the Louisville Science Center with our friends the Sullivan's, who adopted two little boys from the Congo. Those boys are adorable! And so little and snuggly. It was great to sit with Stori (isn't that the coolest name ever!?) and pick her brain about traveling to the DRC and about adjusting to her new little ones. Noah was feeling extremely anti-social today, so I could barely get all of our boys in a shot together. Here are my best attempts:

There are so few of us in the US who have children adopted from DRC. We are just insanely lucky that the Sullivans live relatively close to us. Within a 2 1/2 hour radius from us, there are 4 Congo families. We adore all of the families and are looking forward to many years of get togethers and reunions.

I have my appointment to get some more travel vaccinations tomorrow. I went to the international travel clinic last week. They assured me that the only shot that was required to travel to DRC was yellow fever, so that is what I got. Evidently they were wrong! The application for a visa in DRC requires lots of other shots, so I am off for round two tomorrow. I am wondering if I can fake some sort of vaccine side effect to weasel a backrub or some sympathy from my husband? Just kidding!

The chip-in meter has still been steadily rising. We are now only $200 away from reaching our goal of feeding the entire orphanage for 2 whole months. You all just continue to amaze me! Don't forget that by becoming a follower of this blog, I'll donate a dollar in your honor. Blog following is just one way to help us get the word out about our mission and raise awareness about the desperate need in the Congo. Thanks!

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