January 28, 2010

Winner Winner Winner!!!!

Okay- so I am so untechnical. My first day with a webcam was not such a success! I am pretty sure that the whole broadcast had no audio. And I think we made everyone nautious. Sorry. Ughh. However...you can see how we did it all. And the winner is...

STORI SULLIVAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stori probably wet her pants just now! WooHoo! We backup recorded the whole thing on our regular video camera, so if I can figure out how, I'll put that video up.

Congrats Stori and thank you to everyone who donated. With the original $1500 we raised plus the $3560 from the raffle, you all helped us raise $5060 for Haiti and the DRC. I have already made the donation to Heartline via the internet. Our organization in DRC prefers a check, so I'll send that out tomorrow.

Special thanks to Veronica Caldwell who donated the condo. She was so inspired by how well the raffle was going that she has offered to give $25 to Heartline and OFA from any bookings she happens to get from this. How awesome is that!!! Just mention that you found her on our blog and she'll keep the giving going. Here are the links to her properties again.


Again- from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Every single one of you. Thank you for caring. Thank you for donating. Thank you for linking us. Just thanks! You all are wonderful!!!!

And since we made it to the goal...be on the lookout for a thank you giveaway in the coming days...

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