February 25, 2010

14 hours my foot

I used to get so mad at the faithful bloggers who would blog every single day during the adoption process and then drop off the face of the earth once their little darlings were home. Seriously- I would curse them through my computer screen saying things like ,"But wait! We need to know how the transition is going- what kind of issues are your going through? What in the world can I expect when my child comes home?"

Alas- I have become one of those people! Sorry folks for the anemic blogging. Miles is doing amazing. He fits into our family like a glove. He is attaching well and bonding like a champ and coming out of his shell a little more every day! But the boy does NOT sleep. Like at all. Really. I read this morning that a 12 month old needs 14 hours of sleep. Miles is sleeping maybe 6 or 7- if we're lucky. No naps at all. Did ya' hear that- NONE! And sleep at night is a series of 45 minute naps. Which means that sleep for the mama is a series of 25 minute naps by the time the bottles get made and the diapers get changed and the poopy pajamas get thrown in the wash. And another weird sleeping habit? Miles will not under any circumstances sleep in the crib or the pack and play. He insists on sleeping on the floor. No blanket. I don't think he slept on the floor at the orphanage so I am not sure what that is about. We've tried co-sleeping, lights on, lights off, singing, swaddling, just about everything imaginable! And somehow he still stays awake around the clock. I get that he is still doing a whole lot of adjusting, but I am totally welcoming suggestions here!

Aside from the fact that he is turning us all into walking zombies, oh my goodness, the boy is adorable. He is so calm and giggly. In every way possible, Miles was always meant to be a part of this family. It is so much fun to watch him with Sadie and Noah. I just look at those 3 kiddos (through my toothpick propped-open eyelids) and count my blessings- for they are plentiful!

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