February 23, 2010


I LOVE being a mother of 3 but OMG I am sooooo tired! Miles wants to eat about every 23 seconds. He is running on a deficit I suppose. He went for his checkup yesterday and our pediatrician thinks that he is actually at least 12 months old. The boy only weighs 15 pounds, though. He is running a fever of 102 right now but is just happy as a clam. He is babbling and smiling and otherwise having a ball. I think he is adjusting really well. He is bonding great with all of us. He especially loves Sadie, who thinks that Miles is her baby. Noah is probably having the hardest time of all, but I think mostly this is because he isn't the baby anymore and he fit that baby of the family role so well.

I'll be back to posting about the week in Africa tomorrow- just a quick post today to say all is well and to share some pics of my lovies.

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