February 03, 2010

By the numbers

10- days until I jump on a plane with my girl, Cami and head to Africa!
11- days until I am holding my little munchkin (can we say best Valentine's day ever!)
26- cans of formula to deliver to the orphanage
8- days I'll be gone
2- kids I'll miss terribly while I'm in Africa
1- husband who is so selfless in letting me be the one to have this experience of a lifetime
2- days until we take our last little mini-trip as a family of four
5- caregivers and sitters making this whole thing possible
17- days until Sadie and Noah meet their little brother
3- the number of kiddos I'll finally have all under one roof on February 20th!
3546- emotions I am experiencing
1- Great God who has walked us through our fears on this journey
1- Amazingly adorable little boy who has transformed my heart in ways I never imagined.

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