February 06, 2010

For my girls

There were so many women who commented on my post about my sweatpants. I think so many times, we all get bogged down. Life piles up on us. We feel defeated. As mothers, as women, as people- we so often wonder if the things we do really do matter. I sometimes wonder if it matters that I draw little hearts on Sadie's sandwich bags, or if I make the school treats from scratch, or if I take the time to hand write a note instead of email it. Most of the time, it all goes unnoticed...or so we think.

This video has been passing around my "Congo Mommies" this weekend and I loved it so much, I wanted to share it. I had so many of you in mind when I was watching it with tears coming down my face. YOU are not invisible. The love you put into it does matter, even if the person you're giving that love to, doesn't mention it. It ALL matters. If you've got 5 minutes, I think you should watch it. Then go...and keep building your cathedral.

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