February 01, 2010

Giveaway Number 2- Just Love Coffee

I love socially conscious shopping. I also love caffeine. So for this giveaway I've mixed those both up into this Just Love Coffee Giveaway. Just Love Coffee is a company that helps families raise money for their adoptions by allowing families to set up a virtual store front to sell coffee. All their coffees are fair trade (so it helps coffee growers in impoverished companies.) WIN/WIN/WIN! I love those kind of situations!

My friend, Debbie, is getting ready to bring their beautiful little girl, Naomi, home from Ethiopia. They have a Just Love Coffee store going to help them raise those last pennies they'll need to cover their adoption expenses. I've been wanting to buy some of her coffee for a looooong time, but y'all, my coffee maker broke about 6 months ago and for some reason I've never bought another one. (I get all the caffeine I need from my diet Pepsi addiction anyway!) So instead of buying coffee that I can't brew- I am going to buy coffee for YOU! 2 bags to be exact.

To enter this giveaway, just click on this link:


Take a look around and pick out whatever 2 coffees you'd like to try should you win the giveaway. Then leave me a comment and tell me what they are! If I were choosing I think I'd try the Fair Trade African Skies and the 100% Honduran.

This giveaway will end at 8pm on Thursday night (2/4)- so hurry and leave me a comment! I'll use random.org to get a winner. (Yes- you can enter both giveaways!)

And if you wanted to be really nice- you could buy some of Debbie's coffee and help them get little Naomi home! And if you wanted to be extra nice- you could click on the link to the left to become a follower of this blog. (It won't earn you extra chances to win- it just strokes my ego a little!) Good luck!

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