February 04, 2010

There are scrambled eggs in there

In my brain that is. Or maybe it's oatmeal. Or cream of wheat. Or some other substance that can only be described as "mush". I have officially entered that phase of mush for brains in this whole process. I marvel at the ways that this adoption has been like a pregnancy. The overall forgetfulness is vaguely familiar. I've gained weight just like I was pregnant. I've nested beyond all reasonable logic. I've had that restless at night, can't sleep thing going for a while. Yep- I am pretty sure I've done this all before, but somehow I expected things to be oddly different with the adoption vs. the pregnancy. However, they are eerily similar!

Yesterday I sent my sweet Sadie to school in 2 different shoes. I thought it was spirit week- and the "spirit" activity of the day was to wear 2 different shoes. (I have still not figured out how this promotes spirit or unity, but whatever!) So off to school she went with one snow boot and one tennis shoe and a big ol' smile on her face. In the afternoon, as soon as she stepped off the bus she informed me that spirit week was last week (we missed the whole thing!) and that she wore 2 mismatched shoes for no good reason!

Speaking of Sadie- I think she has seen me researching a lot of African American hair care websites lately. There are tons of pictures on these sites of gorgeous little girls with their braids and puffs. The other day Sadie approached me and asked if I would put her hair in a "million" ponytails like all those little girls. I don't think that she realized that she doesn't have the kind of hair that will do that sort of thing. So we made an attempt and girlfriend ended up with this Medusa like style. Fortunately, we didn't have to go anywhere looking like this!

Back to the mush again...I am pretty sure that most of my inability to think cognitively could be solved with a few organized lists. But I just can't bite the bullet and make a list. You see, my darling husband is an obsessive list maker. He always has been and I have always made so much fun of him for it. I wouldn't think it was weird if he made things like to-do lists, or grocery lists. But I find these little lists all over the house with titles like "Greatest Defensive Tackles Ever in University of Kentucky History" or "Potential Recruits, Standings, and Rankings". I am pretty sure that he has missed his calling in the ESPN world. He makes these lists of completely arbitrary things that don't have any impact on the real world whatsoever! And don't get me started on the lists he makes of rock and roll songs. Or bands. Or guitars. So I have made fun of him for years and years about his compulsion to continually make lists. So if I go and start making lists to help me organize this trip, it will go against the years and years of ridicule I've dished out. Then I would have to apologize, and well- that is just something I am not prepared to do! (I've just decided that I am a really crappy wife!) We got interviewed this week for our local paper who is going to do a story on our adoption and info about the DRC!!! The nicest lady ever is writing the article, but she said maybe one of the funniest and truest statements ever about my relationship with Kamron. As Kamron walked out the door to go back to work, she said, "He's really got his hands full with you!" I LOVE it. That totally sums us up. I am the flighty one. Kamron is totally grounded.

Lots of people have been emailing me asking if I am planning on blogging while I'm in Africa. I am going to try to do that during Miles' nap time. But I don't want to take a second away from Miles to do it- so if naps don't go well or if he's not adjusting well, don't count on it. I'll be journalling the whole experience, so if I don't get to blog while I'm there, I'll post my journal when I get home. Either way- you'll get to go on the journey with me. We have felt so supported through this whole thing, that I would hate to deprive you of hearing about my experiences in Africa. After all, by being a part of our lives- this is your journey too! Just be prepared- and by this I mean have tissues handy because I am expecting to be an emotional wreck! I have heard that the connection in DRC makes it difficult to upload photos to the blog, so if that is the case, I'll be uploading all my photos to Facebook. So if we're not facebook friends and you'd like to follow along, send me a friend request. You can look me up by my email address meganterry01(at)aol(dot)com. Leave me a little message and tell me who you are so I don't think that you are a total stranger.

Don't forget- both giveaways are ending tonight. I'll post the winner after I put the kiddos to bed.

9 more days...

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