March 26, 2010

Cha Ching Badda Bing!

A miracle occurred in this house this week. The boy child has been sleeping. It was quite an ordeal the first few nights, but he slept!

Since coming home from Africa, Miles had been sleeping either on the living room floor or on the floor next to my bed since he has some crazy aversion to his crib. For a tiny bit of time, this was an okay situation while he was trying to learn the layout of our house, etc. But when that tiny bit of time expired, he took to wandering around the house at night and getting up about every 5 minutes and causing quite a ruckus. Not to mention the fact that he (and I) were just plain exhausted, sometimes causing the following:

The situation sometimes got dire and I have ended up with backaches galore from sleeping on the living room floor and the kid is cranky. I'm not even Catholic and I'd started throwing up Hail Mary's in the hopes that the boy would just go to sleep. Part of me thinks that since Mary was a mom she might just have some sympathy for me and throw me a bone. I mean- I am sure that Jesus and James got a little rowdy every once in a while so she might just know how I feel.(I'm having images of Mary telling Joseph, "If these kids don't go to sleep I'm going to flip out!) Plus, I feel like it may be a little better that my other, "Jesus, make this kid go to sleep or I'm going to jump off the roof!" prayer I've been saying!

A few nights ago, when Miles woke up for the third time before midnight and roamed all over the house, Kamron decided it was the last straw. The boy was playing us. We were clearly being manipulated. So Kamron put the pack and play on Miles' familiar part of the living room floor, put the baby in it and walked away. He came back to bed and we were determined that we were going to ride it out. Miles was determined he was going to ride it out, too. After about 15 minutes of crying bloody murder, I was also laying in bed crying bloody murder. I felt like we were being so cruel. I worried that we were just going to magnify whatever sleep/crib trauma the child was going through. I am grateful Kamron was willing to take on the "bad cop" role, because I just couldn't do it. Mostly, I think it was because he would want to divorce me if I went too much longer without any sleep. (I do tend to turn into a monster in desperate need of Prozac or a Valium or something!) Finally, we decided that we needed to drown out the crying and we laid in bed and watched reruns of "The Office" until the wee hours of the morning. After an hour of crying, Miles finally gave up and fell asleep and there he slept for 7 straight hours! (Insert angels singing the Hallelujah chorus here) That more than doubled his previous record. I think the boy just needed some boundaries. Anyway- after blissfully sleeping for a solid 6 hours myself, I woke up panicked that Miles must be dead and that is why he didn't wake up a million times. Much to my surprise, he was all curled up in the playpen sleeping like a brick. I am so excited!!!! I am at that point in my life where I will totally equate the excitement of a full night of sleep to losing one's virginity. Yay sleep! The possibility of future sleep has me positively twitteredpated! And it didn't stop there- 4 nights in a row of solid, wonderful, rejuvenating shut-eye. I feel like a new person! And Miles woke up full of smiles and hugs, so his nights of good rest didn't scar him too badly either! Score!

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