March 02, 2010

A day in the life

A pictoral review of a day in the Terry household...

I pulled out the camera bright and early and FINALLY got a picture of all three of them semi-smiling and looking at the camera! Hallelujiah!

Miles is a happy, happy boy in the mornings! He wakes up and eats breakfast- then eats another breakfast when Sadie and Noah wake up. (Yes- that tiny guy scarfs down 2 breakfasts!) Some faves are pancakes, Nutri-Grain bars and Fruit Loops.

Jamming to some tunes with Daddy before his workout.

One of Miles' favorite parts of the day is when Sadie gets home from school. Yesterday he just couldn't stop hugging her.

They had a dance party. Yesterday we taught Miles how to do the "lawn mower". He is now an expert at it!

We perfected our cirque du soleil moves that impressed the socks off of Daddy when he got home from work. *Note to self* a grown up on the floor is infinitely more fun than any toy you could ever have. My dad used to do this with us for hours and we LOVED it!

After a dinner of hodge-podge leftovers, it was bath time. A long time ago Kamron said that once Miles was home and we put him in the middle of Sadie and Noah in the tub- they would look like a hamburger in a bun. It is very true.

Then it is time for bed. Miles still prefers to sleep in the middle of the living room floor so this is the scene at night. Miles and Kamron can be found watching old movies on the floor together until the little one falls asleep.

*sigh* Life is beautiful!

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