March 13, 2010

From the mouths of babes

Do you remember that when we saw our first picture of Miles last year how Sadie exclaimed, "He looks just like Noah!"? Our dear friends came over last night and their adorable son Ethan took one look at Miles and said, "He looks just like Noah!" I love how kids automatically see all the ways that we are the same instead of the ways that we are different. But now that Miles has been home for a little while, Sadie has changed her tune. She carried Miles down the stairs a few days ago. She had put some sunglasses on Miles and wanted me to see how cute he was in the glasses. As we were both admiring him, Sadie said, "He looks just like Michael Jackson, doesn't he?" I sure hope that the girl meant Michael Jackson circa the 1970's- however, I have no idea when she would have seen a young Michael Jackson, so maybe she really did mean the late, great Michael Jackson in all his plastic surgery glory. Hmmm...I don't see it...
And then there's Noah...Noah has been relatively tame these last few weeks. But he came flying down the stairs the other day, really complaining of an ear ache. I immediately thought he must be getting an ear infection so I asked him if it hurt way down in his ear. He said, "No, it only hurts behind my ear on the outside." This sounded a little weird to me so I asked him what happened to his ear. And in true Noah fashion he replied, "Well, some very small animals climbed up to my ear and they drew triangles and rectangles on it and it hurt really bad! Have these small, shape drawing animals visited any one else lately? Not sure if we should call animal control or Ripley's Believe It Or Not to come in and take care of our small animal problem.

The same day I posted about Miles' shae butter lotion, we had a little incident. Okay- we had a BIG incident. Somehow Noah sneaked the container of cream from right under our noses. He grabbed the tub that was the Crisco like solid. Evidently he felt like the family that lives in our dollhouse needed a good lubing. As well as the floors of the dollhouse which even after repeated scrubbing are still so slick the dolls could ice skate on it. This poor man, his daughter and their dog may never recover. It looks like they got creamed by the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters.

Enjoy your weekend!

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